Tuesday, May 19, 2020

All New--part 2

When Di Ford passed away recently, it reminded me of all the quilts I've been wanting to make from her first book Primarily Quilts. I have a small stash of her fabrics that I've been collecting to make Miss Porter's Quilt and since I was in the mood to do some machine piecing, off the rails I go again...
The central feathered star was a challenge--not perfect, but passable. I translated the hand piecing instructions and templates into rotary cutting and machine piecing  and finally got it to work out (after a lot of reverse sewing--lol!) The dog tooth border was supposed to be made with tiny individual English Paper Pieced triangles (3/4" high) . I used a strip of fabric and turned the edges as I appliqued it in place--much easier to my mind. 

The rest of the stars went together pretty quickly. There was a bit of a fabric crisis though.  I ran out of the older Jo Morton brown print I was using for the star background. I'm not averse to making do with another fabric but... I happened to notice a small piece of the JM fabric in a scrap bag I had recently dug out of a bin and had tossed onto my cutting table. It was right in the front of the bag! A miracle. Really! I had purchased the scrap bag many years ago from Country Threads. What are the chances that I happened to come across it just before I needed a bit more of that fabric for a future project? I'm still amazed at how that all worked out. 
I had quite a few Di Ford background prints but added a few favorites from my stash as well.

This was a first for me--broderie perse applique. 

Only four of the stars get the appliques. I was tempted to put broderie perse on all of them, but decided I should probably just follow the pattern.

Those four stars surround the central feathered star. 

So, this is where I am now--lots more dog tooth border to accomplish and then a pretty large applique border. It's going to have to wait for a bit while I get back to my May Goal quilt. Hopefully I can stay on the track the rest of the month and not go off the rails again!


  1. Wow! Your work so far is wonderful. This is really going to be lovely!
    Yay for that extra fabric you found :-)

  2. Excellent, Karen! Your feathered star looks perfect to me, and what a brilliant solution to the dog-tooth border! I'll have to remember that one...

  3. I don't remember that pattern in the book - I will need to look - I have the book but have not made any and I really did plan to!! Your work is lovely

  4. Beautiful start. Love the fabrics and thank you for the link. Had no idea what broderie perse was.

  5. I've collected quite a bit of Di's fabrics with many projects in mind. I should follow your lead and get busy and find a pattern I really want to do. It's fabulous when a "miracle" happens in the quilting studio. Love what you're creating.

  6. What a glorious quilt! No wonder you want to make this one. Sometimes things don't happen by accident; sometimes someone got involved in the "accident". Yes, I believe. ;^)

  7. This is such a lovely quilt! That is awesome about the fabric you needed in the scrap bag!! I would appliqué a dogtooth border before epp! Your broderie perse is beautiful- I’ve never tried it before either.

  8. How lucky to find that piece of fabric just as you needed it. The quilt will be beautifull

  9. I just love the fabrics you have in your stash. These last two projects of yours have just the right fabrics and colours together. Always a treat to visit!

  10. Ohhh your top is fabulous !! I have done this quilt a few years ago ! It caught my eyes when I bought her beautiful book !!
    Not quilted yet...

  11. It is going to be a beauty of a quilt! I have admired Di Ford's patterns, but have never tried one.
    Kudos for doing the broderie perse. Where you considered doing it on all the stars, I would have heavily leaned toward doing it on none of them. Just lazy me. :)
    If you get in another bind with that JM fabric, I have a little under 1/2 yard you are welcome to.

  12. I'll take that star any day! Great job! The broderie purse is bring the blocks to life. Nice!

  13. If this is what going off the rails looks like, then keep doing it;). It's fabulous. Genius way to applique the sawtooth border.

  14. This quilt is perfection! The colors, the fabrics, the piecing, all of it. I really like the aqua/turquoise with the brown. And what a wonder -- a miracle, for sure! -- that the fabric you needed was on your cutting table. Congrats on a great finish!

  15. SEW PRETTY! And great progress on it despite the difficulties.

  16. I like the story about the Jo Morton fabric. How great it is that you found a piece so easily and right in your own stash.
    I pieced a feathered star block a couple weeks ago that was not a big success. I have not shown it on my blog yet. Years ago, I made a sampler feathered star block wall hanging. I think I did better at piecing in those days.

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