Monday, May 25, 2020

One Monthly Goal May finish

I had a lot of inquiries about the fabric I used for the Panama Pyramid alternate triangles.This is the last of the fabric piece and luckily most of the info part of the selvage is intact. 
I really struggled deciding how to quilt Panama Pyramids. A lot of time was spent perusing my machine quilting books. This is a page from a book by Amanda Murphy and I liked some of these triangle designs. 

I  simplified a design so the quilting wouldn't be so tight and used an arc ruler to quilt the center shape and the echoing, then added a little bump-back feathering to fill the space.     

 It went pretty fast and I could work across the quilt without breaking my thread. Even better, after the first couple rows, I realized I could quilt an upper and lower triangle together--less rolling--yay!

Willow agreed to help with the photo shoot, but not to modeling a mask. 

This is her "stink-eye" glare. She's mad at me now.

We tried a few pictures outdoors before our mid-morning walk but the chippie that lives under the porch was extremely distracting! 

I guess this is the best one we are going to get!

May One Monthly Goal: Panama Pyramids
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  1. I really like how you chose to quilt this. Which of Amanda's books are you showing there? I'd like to see more, but from the list of books on her blog, I wasn't sure which one you were using.
    Aren't our furry friends eyes so expressive? No mistaking that look!

    1. I agree. I love the various choices from the book and understand how it takes a lot of contemplation before making a decision. I also looked at her books, but couldn't tell which it was. Your quilt is beautiful and I do like the quilting design you chose.

  2. This quilt is simply beautiful--I love it...what great work and the quilting is really amazing..
    ~ ~ ~ waving my little flag in the rain Julierose

  3. Oh, this turned out beautiful! I love the fabrics and quilting design. Willow is adorable :-)

  4. Beautiful ..... bet it feels great to have that one finished!

  5. Fabulous quilting. What templates did you use? No one looking at your photos would give you the stink eye for your beautiful finish.

  6. Genius how you modified the quilting motif to make it less dense. Beautiful finish!

  7. Great choice with the quilting. A lovely finish.

  8. What a gorgeous quilt! I love the colors, especially that blue stars. Do you think that might still be available? Beautiful choice on the quilting design too.

  9. What a lovely quilt!!! I really like that blue with stars fabric!
    The quilting is great! It must have felt wonderful to figure out how to do it without thread breaks!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  10. Turned out great! Congrats. ISO admire the work youlongarmers execute. The very site of one-off those machines terrifies me.

  11. Beautiful quilt, and I love the quilting you chose too: it fits the pyramids beautifully! Hugs, H

  12. It's lovely! The setting fabric shows the blocks off so well. (What a patient pooch to tolerate your getting close with a mask!)

  13. Your pyramid quilt is just beautiful. It's so balanced - I mean it's calming, and energizing, both. Great job with your machine quilting. And... what a cute pup!

  14. What a great choice of fabrics for the large triangles! Stunning finish.

  15. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  16. I don't recall Paula Barnes doing a line with a lighter blue. It is quite pretty. Most of what I see in her fabric lines are dark and very much alike. Similar to Kansas Troubles always using the same colorways.
    Do you ever have the desire to machine quilt for others?

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