Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Stitchin'

There have been some rainy days lately (and also some unbearably hot days) that made it easy to justify staying in and doing some stitching. 
I've finished the stitching on the first two A Blackbird Gathering blocks,
and also got the alternate log cabin blocks pieced. 
Actually, since Cheri mentioned that there would be four alternate blocks and the first two were log cabins, I surmised that I could safely make two more blocks and be done with them. If the next two alternate blocks aren't log cabins, I guess I have the beginnings of a new quilt--haha! 
I'm loving the Let It Snow blocks--so cute!
Just two more letters and an alternate block to go.
I am going to try to have this one done before the snow flies! 
I'm getting really close to the end on my Flower Garden Crazy Mat...
Just a few more areas to add the crazy stitching and also a couple of bugs: a dragonfly and a spider in it's web. I'm thinking I may need to add a mosquito too--they have been positively lethal the last couple days!

If I'm lucky, I'll be able to finish today--thank goodness for Slow Sunday Stitching! 
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  1. love that crazy stitching - a lot of work I'm sure

  2. It's all just wonderful, but I especially love your 'A Blackbird Gathering' blocks and I can't wait to see how you finish it!

  3. Two peas in a pod. I am doing all the same projects. Your summer mat is more finished then mine it got put aside to start newer things and got forgotten in the UFO pile--oops! Love you background fabric for Let it Snow. Is it wool or flannel?

  4. All beautiful stitches! You always have the nicest projects in progress! I've always wanted to try one of those crazy flower mats... one day.... when I'm caught up with my current stash! lol! ;-)

  5. Wow... you are surrounded by great beauty! Love that crazy flower garden project! I have seen one in real life and the amount of stitching in it is just astounding!

  6. I see you are doing the Blackbird Gatherings blocks. Have seen many of them being made. I just don't have time for it right now. There are just so many sew-alongs, mystery quilts, etc. that it is hard to keep up. I like your blocks and maybe some day I will make them too.

  7. OHHH! very nice! you like to work with brightly colored wools in applique. I love it. Your work is so nice. I especially like the blackbird gatherings and the Primitive gathering black table mat.

  8. All beautiful projects. I could live with any of those.

  9. I think I say this every time you do a blog post but you make such wonderful and beautiful things.

  10. Wow, you have a lot of projects in the works and you have made a whole lot of progress. All of them are very pretty.

  11. Your time has been well spent. All the blocks are lovely.