Saturday, July 9, 2016

Third Quarter Finish-A-Long list

I have only one "carry over" from my 2nd Quarter Finish-A-Long list--my Stitch Society wool hexagons. I really need to get these together! 
Second on my list is this top from a Temecula Quilt Co. Sew Along from last year. I just noticed that I hung it up side down on the design wall for the photo, but you get the idea!
It's not very big, so it should be doable.

I would love to find time to get my "How Does Your Garden Grow" top quilted so I can use it while my garden is still in a growing stage!

I meant to get these place mats quilted and donated to Meals on Wheel's last year--or maybe it was the year before....
Anyway, it never happened, so it's about time to get them done.
These were made using blocks from an EQ7 sew along to help learn the software. Do I remember any of those lessons??

There's not a lot left to do on my Flower Garden Crazy Mat--just a few more stems and the crazy stitching between the blocks. I feel confident that at least this one will get completed!

If I do get that one done, I will start this Summer Crazy Mat--so cute!

There are only two more Wooly Baskets yet to come from Dawn Heese--I'm pretty sure I can get this done in the next three months! 

Most likely this project will be going to quilt camp in October, but if I have time, I'd like to get the alternate blocks pieced for Civil War Jubilee and get it finished--empty bins are a good thing.
Getting all these completed would be a piece of cake if I wasn't doing so many Sew Along projects, but I'll do my best---or they may be going on the 4th Quarter List!
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  1. Love all of these. The flower garden crazy mat is my favorite.

  2. You work on the most wonderful projects!

  3. All so beautiful...I really like the woolies--just gorgeous hugs, Julierose

  4. Several of your projects are the same ones I've had on my back burners for a while and I'm bound and determined to empty a few bins too. I started following your blog when I saw you working on your wool hexies. They're fantastic. Wishing you good luck and many completed projects.

  5. Good luck with your finishes! All your projects are beautiful - it would be hard to choose which one to work on first!

  6. When you sew the wool hexagons together, will there be little squares set between or will the hexagons be offset so that there is no little bare space?

  7. Love each and every project. I can't believe how many projects you are keeping up with. Good luck on your finishing goals!

  8. All lovely projects and nothing wrong with rolling int next quarter - I do that all the time ;)

  9. Indeed! Empty bins really ARE a good thing! Congrats on so much progress on your beautiful projects!

  10. Those placemats are amazing - I love the blocks - I'd be too busy looking at the piecing to eat :0)

  11. Thanks for linking up to FAL2016 on behalf of your team of hosts

  12. Wow! You have some fun projects on your list :*). And only ONE left over from Q2? You're really good!!!!

  13. I know they are not finished but I still enjoy seeing these lovely projects.
    Good luck!