Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Barely Above The Water...

With the warmer weather, it is getting more and more difficult to get my 365 Challenge blocks done each day. Thank goodness we have had a couple rainy days!
Today's block (in the center) took a couple hours to construct--I'm hoping for some easier blocks next week! I'm really burning through my stash of light blue fat quarters. Don't worry! I'm not in danger of running out, but it will be nice to get back to the darker blocks eventually.

Macaroons - Moda 12 Pack Fat Quarter Free PatternNeighbors - Moda 12 Pack Fat Quarter Free Pattern
By the way--if you have fat quarters to use up, check out these free Moda patterns using twelve FQ's on the Bear Creek Quilting Company HERE. Macaroons and Neighbors are my favorites so far. The patterns are intended for Bella solids, but I think they would look great using prints, plaids, stripes, or whatever you have in your stash.

The Temecula Circa 2016 blocks are small, but not so challenging.
I've been making all the blocks with squares from my scrap boxes--nice to use some of those up!  

These are what I have so far.
There will be 74 total, so another 40 or so are on the horizon.
Two a week is pretty easy to keep up with--much more doable than one a day! It's hard to wait until October to see how these all go together.

Next on my to-do list: the nine patches needed for Lisa's Flower Garden.
Thankfully, these should go together quickly.

I don't sew by machine in the evenings, so it was fun to get my Buttermilk Basin "T" finished--finally a use for my dollar store baker's twine! 
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  1. I bet that took a couple of hours - those are a lot of tiny hst's. Your light blocks look wonderful!! Gorgeous 9 patches :0)

  2. You are always working on such gorgeous projects Karen and I really have to try hard to resist not to try one or other of them! Beautiful! Christine x

  3. All of those 365 challenge blocks look intense! Just validates my thought that I would never have been able to keep up! : )
    Lisa's Flower Garden is a wonderful quilt, and I love the look of your BB block. Excellent use of the twine!

  4. I always love everything that you're working on! The 365 blocks look tedious but really worth it (easy for me to say!). I wish I had jumped on the Circa 2016 band wagon - I think that is really going to be stunning when it's finished. I need to find some of that red/white twine for my BB block!

  5. The 365 project looks looks like a lot of "close" work! Temecula posted the finished quilt on the header of her Blog - only partial, but you can get a feel for where she is going. I am caught up with all the blocks for 2016 - took about a week or so. Like your blocks!

  6. That center block for your 365 challenge is challenging for sure. With all of you different quilts you seem to still floating and not sinking yet. The bakers twine is super cute on your latest woolie block. Great idea.

  7. How fun you got to go to the Minnesota Quilt Show. You U have you have some fantastic quilts going, nice variety to rotate through.

  8. Love those tiny blocks! Wonder if I should make some! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  9. Because we are experiencing the opposite i weather, I am finding it very easy to stay inside to sew. And I can understand why you would want to be out in the sun! You are still managing to get a lot done and the blocks are looking great. Love seeing the wool ones, too.

  10. I jumped here from Empty Nest but Full Heart. You do a terrific job keeping up with various projects. Your block a day blocks are terrific. Thanks for the link to the free patterns. I could use a pattern that would make some type of dent in my fat quarter collection.

  11. I can understand how summer days would make the 365 challenge a hard one to keep up with.
    I like that house pattern and think tone on tone prints could give the same look as solids.

  12. You certainly are very very busy!!

  13. You're a super block making lady!! They all look so wonderful. Those snowman baubles are too cute for words.