Thursday, June 23, 2016


It just occurred to me earlier this week that my UFO for June was still folded up with no backing, binding or quilting--ack! How did this month fly by so quickly?
One thing I completed (on my 2016 2nd Quarter Finish A-Long list HERE) was to make project bags. I had just enough of this novelty fabric left for one bag.
I used the fabric for one side and the other side is clear--I need to see what I put in there! 

The rest of the bags are all clear vinyl--and already full.
I'm afraid with my inability to say no to so many sew along's, I may need to make another batch of bags very soon.

At least I've been keeping up with most of those sew along's:

My flags for Front Porch are finished--
 I'm excited to get to the next block--this is a fun project!

My little baskets from Linen Closet Designs are finished too--only two more to go!

I have another week of 365 Challenge blocks under my belt.
 We are almost half way through--yay!

I spent an entire day selecting, pressing, and piecing together fabrics for the backing of my June UFO--7.5 yards worth of stash! Hallelujah! Fractured is on the quilting machine and with some luck, it may be finished by the end of June--fingers crossed!
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  1. LOL....I have a very similar box with clear bags filled with projects. I love your baskets. Hugs

  2. Those bags are a great idea. I have far too many UFOs that I forget about because they are hidden in a tote. If they are in plain sight, I would be much more likely to be inspired to work on them.

  3. Always such a delight to come see what you are up to. Your projects always inspire me. I am especially loving your little baskets. So cute. : )

  4. I need to make some of those vinyl project bags… great idea!

  5. Great way of keeping track. If things are out of sight, they're also out of mind.

  6. Good background fabric for the Linen Closet Quilts baskets.

  7. The see through project bags are a great idea! Always visible! Love the little baskets!

  8. Love the idea of your project bags. they are great.
    And, yes, I agree - you do keep up with a lot of sew alongs!!!

  9. Those see-thru bags are the perfect way to store your in progress projects! Being able to see them is probably helping you to keep keep up with them! Not to mention that you've chosen some pretty awesome projects to work on too! :-)

  10. Your clear bags method is such a good one. I use shoeboxes and try to make sure they are clear because truly, out of sight out of mind!

  11. Love your project bags, can I ask what size you made them? I have started 2 BOM and thinking this exactly what I need to make for myself. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Oh boy. I could use a few project bags too! They'd be so handy! On behalf of the 2016 FAL hosts, thanks for playing along!