Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another Busy Week!

Another busy week! I made it to the Minnesota Quilter's show on Thursday--a super fun day with lots of shopping opportunities and gorgeous quilts. Yesterday I spent almost all day doing yard and garden work--good thing, because today is crazy windy!
Otherwise, I spent the rest of my free time sewing 365 Challenge blocks. These are from last week--most are extremely time consuming and I am so happy when a simple one is posted.

This piece of wood that my youngest son made for me has been very helpful in making my blocks.

I guess he got tired of listening to me whine about a sticky stand I bought for my phone that doesn't work for more than a few minutes.
 In the beginning, I would jot down the block instructions each morning, but as the blocks have become more complicated, I rely on my phone. And I finally figured out how to keep my screen from closing--yes I'm a slow learner! In case you have neglected to learn your phone too: Settings>General>Auto-Lock>Never.
Just remember to change it back later.

He also showed me how to use an old cassette case in a pinch--who knew??
Everyone but me, probably!

I have plenty of Slow Sunday Stitching today while I let my knees recuperate from all that gardening--the latest Buttermilk Basin Mystery Block and Linen Closet Little Wooly Basket blocks.

I also have my flags sewn for my Front Porch quilt--if I run out of wooly stitching, I have a few stars to applique.
I think I will save my 365 Challenge block of the day for tomorrow!
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Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. Love those snowmen faces. I have some hanging around from another project that I never finished. I could use them for a small wallhanging like that. Great idea.

  2. Your 365 blocks look marvelous! I love the complicated ones :0) I would never have thought of the cassette tape box - not in a million years!

  3. I LOVE that background on your LWBs! And I am so impressed with your 365 challenge blocks -- that will be one awesome quilt. You've been busy!

  4. Lots of great blocks and some useful tips for the phone too! Happy Sunday! Christine x

  5. I like the background fabric you are using for the wooly basket blocks. I never see a needlework project on your blog that I don't like. We could be good stitching buddies if we lived near each other.

  6. Love your wool blocks and thanks for the phone stand tips - I didnt know either!

  7. Ooh, I love your challenge blocks. You have a clever child - now, to find an old cassette case...

  8. I am just always inspired when I stop by! LOVE the cassette case idea...tell your son thanks!!! I"m in love with your wooly baskets!!

    1. PS Karen, I couldn't resist highlighting your FLAGS at Tuesday Archives this our theme is FLAGS> :)

  9. What a great week with wondeful work coming out of your sewing room. You always inspire.

  10. I love all of it!!! Especially those woolly baskets!

  11. I will echo Karen's comment. I love everything I see on your blog. You always seem to choose great fabrics to go together. Your wool projects are always enticing. With every post I wish I could be in your sewing room and join in the fun. : )

  12. I enjoy seeing the progress on each of the different projects you are doing. Love the way the 365 blocks are turning out. Glad you found a solution for your phone.
    And the wool blocks are great fun.

  13. Wow! Lots of beautiful work here! And how clever is your son, REALLY! I never knew you could use a cassette tape box for a phone do I even have one of those in the house anymore, LOL??

  14. Wow! Lots of beautiful work here! And how clever is your son, REALLY! I never knew you could use a cassette tape box for a phone do I even have one of those in the house anymore, LOL??