Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekend Stitching

I'm plugging away on the Ryokan quilt,,,
The Design with Lines stencil is a big time saver. I just have to swipe across it with a chalk pounce and all my lines are marked. I've been free handing the roof shingles, so the guide lines are very helpful. 

It''s been a little stressful removing the chalk after quilting. I put Miracle Chalk in my pounce and in the Clover marking pen, but I can't really iron it away on the quilting machine--and I don't want to wait to see how the quilting looks. The Cherrywood fabrics in the little quilts and the narrow sashings haven't been washed, so I'm scared to death of migrating dye. I've been spritzing with water and mopping with a cloth--so far so good. I'm keeping the quilting on the houses (or Japanese inns, actually) pretty simple and when they all are finished I will go back and figure out the little Cherrywood quilts on the house fronts. They are the stars of the quilt, so need to have a little special quilting! 

I've been playing around with the row placement for my All in a Row quilt--I think this may be the one. 

Today, my Slow Sunday Stitching will be on my Flower Garden Crazy Mat until Downton Abbey comes on--I don't want to miss a minute of the finale!!!
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Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. Your row quilt is gorgeous... love the blue and brown together!
    Enjoy stitching flowers! I am really looking forward to Downton tonight!

  2. Your all in a row quilt is just stunning! Enjoy your stitching today :)

  3. Beautiful quilting on your houses Karen and your row by row quilt is looking stunning.... I like that layout! Your flower garden crazy mat is also looking lovely! Have fun slow Sunday stitching! Christine x

  4. I loved your All in a row quilt display. Looks great.
    Have a nice sunday stitching.

  5. I like the row placement on your All in a Row quilt. Very pretty. Can't wait to see all of the Roykan quilt. Love your Flower Garden Crazy mat. I've not every watched Downton Abbey until recently and am now on Season 5 via Amazon streaming and I'm totally hooked watching a couple episodes a day.

  6. I like all your quilting. Have you tried a hot hair dryer to remove pounce markings?

  7. I can see where that line stencil is a helpful one for both the lines and as a grid. Your row by row is great. Is it next to quilt? Sweet wool flowers.

  8. Love the row quilt!
    Does your quilt machine have one of the quilting guide bars like the domestic machines? Much easier than marking.

  9. Thanks for reminding me about those stencils. I have them, but always forget to pull them out and make use of them. They are very helpful! I love the look of the shingles.
    Love those blue/brown rows. Nice job!
    The crazy mat is very cute. I need to get a wool project prepped. So relaxing in the evenings.

  10. Such a wealth of wonderful design and stitching again, just love your flower garden too : )
    Hope the final of Downton left you with a smile.
    There would have been a UK hanging had Julian Fellows left it any other way lol

  11. You are one busy lady, and inspiring me to get buse. I'v been just sewing a dab here and there. Your work is beautiful and I too like wool. I'm just getting interested in primitive. I browsed you blog and found it very enjoyable, I'm now following and look forward to becoming friends.

  12. LOVE your quilting!! and your row by row!! and your flowers too!! You sure know how to have fun in your sewing room!

  13. Hi Karen, love your stitching!!! Hugs, Mary
    I just finished a Great Book, The Silent Sister - I see you like to read. :)

  14. I like the block construction for the red & green block. Easier than doing diamond shapes.

  15. I've never seen a stencil like that - very cool.
    your row project is great