Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Midweek Report and a Block Board Tip!

Another week of the 365 Challenge Blocks has come and gone.
Kathy has been throwing in some of the six inch blocks this week. Imagine my relief when I finally figured out that the upper right block wasn't going to be 3" finished---whew! 

The ThimbleCreek Mystery blocks Clue 5. Yes, they are made with my nemesis--the Square in a Square components--sigh.
I kind of rewrote the instructions and used 2.5" and 1.5" squares and the "flippy corner" method to make them. I also made a 10" strip set and sub-cut to make the two piece components. It just makes more sense to my foggy brain to simplify things a bit!

When I teach the LeMoyne Star class, I always make a block design board for each student so they can keep track of their star pieces. In the interest of time, I don't usually add the cute hot glued "binding" though. At the February class, one of the gals, Linda, brought her own board that she finished with Duck Tape. Of course, I had to totally steal her idea for my March class!

My piece of budget foam core board from WalMart (88 cents!) gives me six 10" block boards that I cover using scrap batting and spray glue (I've also used glue stick with good results). I stick a 10" piece of Duck Tape onto my cutting mat and using my ruler and rotary cutter, I divide it in half  the long way so it's about an inch wide. 

I find it easiest to start on the back and stick the tape on using a scant quarter inch ...

...and wrap it to the front. Repeat all the way around the block board. In about a minute, your board is "bound"! No need for mitered corners either!

These newly made boards are so nice and clean, I'm tempted to keep them for myself! 
You can find a complete tutorial by Lori Holt HERE for design boards.
You can purchase design boards HERE 


  1. And my nemesis would be all of the "Y" seams showing up in the 365 blocks! Good job on them.
    Your SIS blocks looks great!
    I love design boards, but I don't border mine at all. The tape you used is really flashy--makes some stylish boards! : )

  2. I'm impressed with how you're keeping up with the 365 blocks. They are looking good. I didn't even start one :) I'm all for simplifying as well whenever it's possible. Your blocks seem to have worked out just fine. And the block boards - ooh, filing that idea away!

  3. What a great idea to simplify the block board like that!
    Very smart and jazzy : )

  4. Beautiful blocks as always Karen and what a great idea the design boards are! They look great! Christine x

  5. I discovered these boards a couple of years ago... I made them up for the sewing circle gift exchange. but what I did was flannel on one side and ironing board cover on the other. and to avoid binding altogether I made them with 3 sides sewn together.. turned them right sides out and then did a quick whip stitch to close them.

  6. I knew there was a reason why I didn't start my BOMblocks from Thimblecreek. I appreciate you sharing the idea about the SIS and even subcutting the other two pieces. I look at those patterns and don't even think of easier ways to do the blocks. Thanks for clearing my fuzzy brain too!

  7. I used duck tape on the edges of my design boards when I made them a few years ago too - burned my fingers too many times with hot glue when I tried to make them Lori Holt's way.....

  8. I'm so impressed your keeping up with 365 - they look great! Your mystery blocks look wonderful too - I changed up some of my cutting as well to have those blocks turn out more successfully for me.

  9. What would we do without duct tape? Now in such fashionable styles. I think it is probably used more often for "other" uses rather than its original intended use (giggle). Love your clue 5 blocks. When I get the Thimblecreek gazette I always look forward to seeing your version of the blocks. Yours are always so fabulous!

  10. You get a lot done. I too look forward to seeing your Thimblecreek mystery blocks. Your fabric choices always are good.

  11. You're totally rocking those blocks! I've never thought of using a board like that, I sometimes lay blocks out on a back of a cushion, what a great idea especially with the pretty edges.