Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekend Stitching

On Friday, I just couldn't avoid it anymore--it was Sewing Room Cleaning Day (with one bathroom thrown in for good measure). I had a terrible mess, but it's much improved--now I can get back to sewing!
Even though (while cleaning) I had determined I will never need to buy fabric again, I couldn't pass up the Super Bowl "half price everything in the bargain room" Tailgate Sale at Gruber's. Unfortunately, Fortunately, there were no carts available, so I was limited in the amount of bolts I could carry to the cutting table. I think I showed great restraint!
I scored six yards of the large floral for $25.50-- 
touchdown!! I think it will make a beautiful backing.
I already had some of the Laundry Basket Jelly Bean fabrics but since they are a favorite of mine, I replenished my supply.
The Janet Clare Nocturne dots in the foreground weren't on sale, but I couldn't resist picking up a fat quarter--so fun.   

I'm going to use the Jo Morton chrome yellow fabric to make this Churn Dash quilt. The amount left on the bolt was exactly what the pattern calls for, so it was meant to be! The pattern is from the 1999/2000 issue of "McCall's Quilting presents Vintage Quilts", a specialty magazine that I had book-marked years ago (you do the math--lol!).
Guess what? I may make the churn dash blocks in blue fabrics. Surprise!
The red and double pink churn dashes are pretty cute though.
The original quilt is bound in green--I love that--a daring and make-do quilter.

My "How Does Your Garden Grow" banner is finished, as are the sunflower seeds--the end is in sight for this quilt.

All that's left is to put some antennae on the butterflies and stitch their bodies--probably a bullion stitch for that. I'll be trying to figure that out as I do some Slow Sunday Stitching.
Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. I didn't do any sales shopping but I will need to start watching for sales so I can build a stash of backing fabrics, most of my pieces are one yard or less.

  2. oh that quilt / the chrome yellow / love! :)

  3. Lovely fabrics--can't wait to see how you interpret the Vintage churn Dash hugs--enjoy--(cleaning and re-org. is on my list after binding Steven's quilt..) Julierose

  4. Would you like to come over to help me reorganize!!!????? I keep picking away at it but my fabric storage area is not looking good yet. Love your new fabrics. Always good to freshen up the stash!

  5. I have years of magazines with sticky notes too! Someday! Those churn dashes would look great in blue with the yellow. Visiting from Slow Stitching Sunday. Can't wait to see your garden banner all done.

  6. Nice to have your sewing room cleaned.... always nice to have a fresh start! Love your new fabrics! Enjoy your slow sewing! Christine x

  7. You scored big time. The antique churn dash magazine pattern has been sitting opened on my shelf for years, no kidding. I loved that series of magazines. And I even have the chrome yellow with it. You might have just inspired me to jump in. :0)

  8. Wow! You did score with the fabric! All beautiful!

  9. Oh, I think the churn dash blocks would look great in blue with the chrome setting squares! I have that magazine, too, but unlike Kyle, it is not sitting open to that page. : )

  10. I love the blue and yellow idea for that churn dash quilt. It is one of my favorite combinations. The fabrics you bought are beautiful.

  11. Such beautiful fabrics!
    I think the blue would look fabulous with that chrome fabric.
    I too have that issue - sure wish they would make more of the Vintage series periodicals. Looking forward to seeing your finished Churn Dash quilt.

  12. Lovely fabric purchases... how could you resist?!?
    Hope the butterflies are finished and ready to fly!

  13. Great fabric bargains. I don't feel guilt if I know what the fabric will be used for.
    Love those little butterflies.