Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More Random Thoughts

Last summer I bought a container of Himalayan Pink Salt for a pulled pork recipe (that I never made, by the way).  
I know that we should avoid excess salt in our diets (I'm a total salt-oholic) but I wasn't aware of the health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt....
...until we got one of these as a Christmas gift......

....and also one of these. The small one (in the top photo)  is lit and warmed with a votive candle. The larger one, just above, is lit and warmed with a night light bulb mounted inside the hollowed chunk of salt. We keep the large one in our bedroom because of the health benefits you can read about HERE. We only light it during the day because we like the bedroom to be dark when we are sleeping.
I'm not sure I believe all the hype, and I doubt that I will ever visit a Salt Room,  but the lights are pretty when lit.

Betsy Chutchian
Another All in a Row section--this one was designed by Betsy Chutchian.

Yesterday (Monday)  I finished up the center medallion for the Temecula Circa 2016 quilt (yes--I caved!!!) in anticipation for the next ThimbleCreek clue today and the February block for the Buttermilk Basin sew along on Friday. Today, Tuesday, is our Breezy Point Sew In and on Wednesday I'll be teaching a class at Colorz Quilt Shop--a busy week for me!
I hope you find some time for sewing!


  1. The brown, blue, and white row you made is right up my alley in color. Nice!
    I have saved the Temecula patterns but have had no time for sewing any of the parts. You have been very busy but did find time.

  2. Interesting about the salt...and yes it is pretty. YOu have a lot going on over there...enjoyed the row and quilt

  3. I see those salt lights everywhere, and they are pretty!
    Your new row really is eye-catching. How many rows will you be making--or do you even know yet?
    Your Temecula medallion stole the show for me. I think it could be a cute quilt all by itself, but I know there is more to come. : )

  4. Your salt lights are pretty! Love your new row and the centre medallion of the Temecula Circa 2016 is fabulous! Enjoy your busy week! Christine x

  5. Sweet salt light fixtures, along with all your stitching. It's hard to keep up, but you are!

  6. Fascinating info about the Himalayan Salt, thank you! I bought several bottles of grind as you go Himalayan Pink Salt, from Lidl last year which they were selling off well below half price. There were also black .smoked. versions too, so I bought a bumper bundle and gave some to my kids for their store cupboards too. Cant say my health and lungs have had an epiphany but then I use salt very sparingly anyway lol But it does have a refreshing scent even when you sprinkle it, so am definitely now going to try and locate a candle version : )
    Fabulous row by row, beautiful!

  7. I have no idea of the health benefits but I do have a story
    My 11 year old granddaughter loves my homemade popcorn (popped on the stove in a pot with oil) and she loves a pink salt that she grinds so...... Just before Christmas I saw a salt "plank" for sale it was heavy and I don't recall the details but I think it was to be used like a wood plank to cook food on, but it was pink and really quite pretty
    Now I have to go back to your blog and get the health benefit details and then ask the darling child what she did with her salt. My husband and I are non salters

    1. Okay I went back and read about the benifits of the salt. I live in a dry climate area and we are also in an area that has rolling power outages if needed due to not enough electricity to go around. I don't use candles as I do have breathing issues and candles put "dirt" into the air. So what if I got the huge pink salt block from the darling granddaughter and heating it in the oven before and after baking
      It seems the salt "hunk" just needs to be heated to get the health benifits also on a sunny day if the salt was sitting in front of a sunny window might work too.
      Or just continue to use filters

  8. What a fun random item.I work in a shop that sells Himalayan Salt lamps and so many people come back and tell us how great they are. The soft ambient light they give off is so pretty. Yours look lovely amongst your lovely things. You're working on some beautiful projects.

  9. Your Temecula quilt is stunning! I love it!