Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lots of Stitching....

This week Clue Two was posted for the ThimbleCreek mystery.
Since each block required eight Half Square Triangles, I decided to use the Magic Eight method to make them. 
If you aren't familiar with the method, this is the formula:
Finished Size of HST plus 7/8"=____
                      Multiply by Two=____
       Use the multiplied number to cut a light and dark square=____

And this is the method:
 Layer the dark and light squares right sides together. Mark crosswise from corner to corner twice.
 Sew a quarter inch on either side of the drawn lines.

Cut on marked diagonal lines and also vertically and horizontally through the center.
It helps to have the square on a small or rotating mat so you don't need to move the block while doing the cutting.

Boom! Eight HST's!
 Press them open and you are good to go!

If you have added the 7/8" and sewn accurately, you should have the correct size HST.
Full disclosure: I add one inch instead of 7/8 so I have slightly over-sized HST's that I can trim to the perfect size--I'm a little anal like that! 
So, in this instance, I needed 1" finished HST's, so after adding an inch (or 7/8" if you follow the formula) and multiplying by two, I cut my squares at four inches. 

These are my Clue Two ThimbleCreek blocks using those HST's. 

February's Buttermilk Basin Mystery block is ready for some Slow Sunday Stitching!
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  1. This is my favorite way to make large amounts of Hst's. Nice tute!

  2. Great tutorial! I may have to give this a go! I too have decided a little larger and some trimming really makes me a happy girl in the end.

  3. I have done them like that too and it is fairly easy - I have a program called triangulations - you print them out on paper the size you want and sew the same way but you follow the lines on the paper.

  4. I love this BOM and am so happy you are doing it so I can follow along with your progress!

  5. I have not yet tried that for HST, but I keep it in mind. Some day I'll have the opportunity!

  6. Very clever math & method for those HST's.
    Your little snowman block is darling.

  7. I made my clue two blocks as well but without your clever hst making method. I will have to play around with it this afternoon. Your blocks are darling!!

  8. Great blocks! I love this method too and have a tutorial on it as well. I always oversize my HSTs a bit as well because hey, that's just the way I am! Love the snowman's why I jumped here from Podunk Pretties. So cute!

  9. I was wondering if you were going to do the mystery quilt again from Thimblecreek and see that you are. I like the blocks. Wonder what the quilt will look like in the end.

  10. What a cute block and a great way to make the HST's. Enjoy your stitching.

  11. Thanks for the reminder about thst method for making 8 duplicate hst's. Love the colors you choose for the blocks and your wool block as well.

  12. Thanks for the excellent tutorial - I will definitely keep that in mind!

  13. I also cut a little larger when doing this. Trimming sure beats being a bit shy.
    Mmmm, love your blocks in the Kim Diehl fabrics!
    The BB BOM is really cute. I am downloading patterns, but just enjoying everyone else's work. : )

  14. Thanks for the formula and explanation of this method of making HSTs. Your snowy wool block is so cute!

  15. I really like that you add an inch. I think that would be my go to method also. Thanks for the information. Your blocks are beautiful. I really like the snowman block also.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial! and I am loving the Buttermilk Basin BOM too...yours is adorable!