Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finding Tucker a Home...

You can find the instructions for Tucker HERE.
I made a few changes to my project:
I decided to use a thin piece of flannel as batting since I was doing some hand quilting. 
Also, my single fold bias binding was cut at 1.25" and I used a scant quarter inch seam to attach it. I think a narrow binding looks nice on small items and the single fold stays softer and "drape-y".
After a tea-dye treatment and a spin in the dryer, I used a fine grit sandpaper and lightly sanded over the top puckering and the binding edges--just enough to soften the look of the fabric and make it look a little "timeworn". It's very subtle. I learned about the sanding technique from my friend Anne and have done it on a couple other little quilts.
This Dutch doll quilt is the first project I sanded. It's not hugely noticeable, but does soften the fabrics. 
There's no batting, and there's a knife edge finish rather than binding on this one.

Once Tucker was finished, it was a hunt and peck mission to decide where to tuck him.
Maybe in the jug next to the chicken...
....or in the firkin by the the Crow...

...or hanging out with these Pie Birds..
...or tucked in the drawer under the rest of the Pie Birds...

...the Sandpiper has already claimed another Pam Buda Pocket Patchwork,  "Busy Work" , so Tucker can't go here...

...maybe in the Apple Bowl....

...or on the bookshelf with the cats...

.....I think Yo Yo Monkey wins---look at that smile--he loves it!


  1. Ah, now I know what the sandpaper is for. Never heard of that technique but will give it a try.

  2. Thanks for explaining the sandpaper. Fascinating! Wonder if I will be brave enough to try it?
    Love the tryouts for Tucker. You have lots of nice places in which to "tuck" a little quilt. Yo-yo monkey does look thrilled! Maybe you need to make another one for the firkin. It looks really nice there, too. : )
    I LOVE your pie bird collection. Baking pies was my thing before my celiac diagnosis and I had been thinking about collecting the birds.

  3. Tucker looks good wherever he goes!
    I'm in love with your pie birds, too.

  4. Ah, thanks for explaining "sanding". Since you have so many neat places for a little quilt, maybe you should make more? ;-)

  5. Sweet! Yo Yo Monkey does look quite pleased. The perfect spot for Tucker :-)

  6. Love it and I love all the little location "tryouts" I agree, yo-yo monkey looks great with it.

  7. Absolutely the perfect place for Tucker!!! Also lots of other lovelies!!! Love those pie birds!

  8. Sandpaper!?! By golly I'm going to have to try that!! I love seeing all the different places you tried Tucker whilst finding a home. He looked perfect everwhere!

  9. Love your 'Tucker' and I really love the little 'busy work' quilt.... beautiful colours! Glad you found just the right place... Tucker looks right at home! The sanding technique is fascinating... I had never heard of that before! Christine x

  10. No, none of those places are quite right, Tucker really should grab a passport and travel to UK .... I hVe just the spot for him!!

  11. You've got LOTS of great places to display your little Tucker quilt and they all look great. I say let it move around from time to time to keep things fresh. So cute! I've got mine all finished too......

  12. Aha! I figured it out, but it's interesting to know that you can do it on quilting cotton too :) I think it's perfect keeping little monkey nice and cosy. Btw, this comments predictive fail was a good one too: wilting cotton instead of quilting cotton haha!