Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"What I'm Doing" Wednesday!

I'm feeling pretty smug this week. 
I finally got around to reserving my Windows 10 update (free for Windows 8 users depending on the device), found new Anti Virus to replace my expiring (and way to pricey to renew) Norton 360, chose a Medicare supplement package within the grace period (whew!), and finished listening to Serial (that the rest of America listened to a year ago--yeah, I'm slow!).
I loved the Serial podcasts, because I enjoy programs like Dateline and 48 Hours. It was like having one of those shows coming along with me during my morning walk. I have to say that I am completely up in the air though--did he do it? I went back and forth so many times and I'm still not even sure if I think Adnan is guilty or not. I'm looking forward to the new podcasts that are said to start up again this fall--I hope they have found some new evidence!

So, today, I am giving myself a refresher course in using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool. I am scheduled to teach a class using the ruler this coming Saturday at Gruber's in Waite Park.
I've had so much fun sewing using this ruler.
I love Lemoyne Stars and this is one awesome tool--it makes sewing the stars so easy to construct with no Y seams!

Is this 3" star not the cutest ever???
I've also been playing with some of the other types of stars you can make with the ruler. This is the Banded Lemoyne Star--pretty cool! , You can give Gruber's a call to sign up--it should be a fun day!!
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  1. That ruler looks awesome Karen! I have always been a bit put off by that type of star block because it looks so complicated to sew! Christine x

  2. Visiting from Let's Bee social. Great stars. Wish I lived close enough to take your class!

  3. Those stars are so pretty! And how adorable is that little 3 incher? So super cute!

  4. I haven't made one of those stars in years. The 3" one is a real cutie!
    I just went and watched a video on how to use the ruler. Interesting, but I think a class with an actual live person teaching is always better. Have fun with your students!

  5. Dateline and 48 hours are a couple of my guilty pleasures. So how come I didn't know about Serial? Well, I do now! Thanks.

    I too love Lemoyne Stars ... and in a 3" size? Yum! While I enjoy EPP, I already have several projects in progress and on my to do list, so I'm keen on being able to machine stitch them. I think I'll order that ruler as soon as I get back home. 😉

  6. Love these stars. So great. Especially the banded one. Hope your class goes well.

  7. The banded LeMoyne Star is a hit with me.

  8. I enjoyed Serial too, I couldn't decide if he was guilty or not either. Your stars look great. It would be such a great class to take, there'll be stars flying around everywhere. I think you should make a quilt of Banded LeMoyne Stars.