Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Already?

I've been a machine quilting fool this week and finished the machine quilting on two quilts--pretty good for me!
For the quilting on the Colorz model, I found this pantograph at Urban Elementz. It's one of their free designs, Pansies. You can download one page and then make copies to tape together long enough for the span of your quilt. I felt the design was a bit small, so I enlarged it 150% and redrew parts of it.

I used Aurifil # 2125--yellow with a hint of green.

I forgot to take a photo of the whole quilt before I dropped it off--sorry!
Maybe I'll remember to get one once it is hanging in the shop. 

Monday was the final Stitch Therapy for 2015.
This is Twyila's top--one row to go! 

Merrily pieced this beautiful top and her husband (who is the long arm quilter in the family) will be quilting it--gorgeous!!

This is the panto I chose for the QOV kit I picked up last month.
I had forgotten how difficult it is to keep the laser light on those long curves.
I've made a note to myself to never use this one again--lol!

The name "Funky Fans" is very appropriate--maybe "Really Funky Fans" would be a better description! I used a burgundy colored Glide thread.
Anyway, it's finished and dropped off at the local QOV headquarters!
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  1. Thanks so much for the free sight....wonderful designs

  2. Wish I could get my hubby to do my quilting sometimes. : )

  3. Your QOV quilt looks beautiful! Those fans are difficult to do with a panto. Your quilt will be loved.
    Thanks for the link to Urban Elementz. They have some great designs.

  4. What a nice panto choice for the first quilt. The rest are lovely too. Too bad that second panto you showed us is difficult - it looks like it would work so well on so many quilts.

  5. Two more quilts done. Your Funky Fans looks like it would be great design. Sorry it was funkier than expected. Still looks good.

  6. What a great site! I know I'll be using it. Thanks so much. Love your quilting - looking good. And thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone - I sure enjoyed my visit.