Thursday, September 10, 2015

Acquisitions Confessional

 I totally indulged in some retail therapy and bought a whole stack of fat quarters---not on sale! 
I guess that means I really liked wanted them, right?
Modern Background Paper by Zen Chic--not my usual type of fabrics, but so fun! 

These are my favorites of the bunch.
 The Paper colorway is all light--the Ink colorway, coming out later will be darker.
This bundle of FQ's was more in my wheelhouse and they were on sale--Yay!

And jelly rolls were such a good deal I had to get them. Okay... I needed to add something to my cart to get that free shipping--haha!

From another retailer, I added yardage of some fabrics to my cart (to get free shipping again!).
Too bad the one thing I really wanted is either back ordered or cancelled--hard to tell from the invoice. At least I still got the free shipping!
I have been doing some sewing too!
I've finished the August Buttermilk Basin Block....
...and finished one of the two "half" stars I need for Stars in the Garden.
I've been watching/listening to the Civil War on PBS every night, so have managed to get a lot of hand work done.

This is what I should be working on--my UFO for this month. I've been doing everything else but quilting this top--even cleaning!!

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  1. I almost bought a charm pack of the Modern Background Paper at Hanocks of Paducah today. ;-) I'm collecting fabrics with words/writing, but I haven't seen any that I really like enough to pay full price, although the MBP was so very close.

  2. I think I'm now suffering from Fabric Envy...
    I'll have to check out that Modern Background Paper - so intriguing!

  3. Although not my typical purchases, I also purchased Modern Background Paper. I think they will add a special touch with my other background fabrics. Love reading your blog and the amazing work you do. I have put many of your projects on my to do list.

  4. I just got a charm pack of that Zen line for my grandson's quilt--which has morphed too many times in my I don't know what to make for him that's not too baby-ish....decisions, decisions.....hugs, Julierose

  5. That Modern Background Paper almost sucked me in at the LQS this week. : )
    You've done some excellent stash enhancement here.
    Love the Buttermilk Basin block.
    Every time I see your Stars in the Garden progress, I wish it was mine. I just need to make it a priority, but it has been more of a travel project for me, and I don't travel much!

  6. I am so jealous of the texty prints! Those look like excellent additions to the stash!:)

  7. Just last week, I was looking online at some of the fabrics you got in your fat quarter bundle. I had to resist though.

  8. Im with Gayle, fabric envy. You've added some great fabrics in multiple styles. Why not! Your September UFO looks very intriguing especially with that awesome border.

  9. Want fabric...need fabric? I want it so I need it (and I usually get it)! I'm drooling over your fabrics, especially the Civil War style prints. Love, love, love your Stars in the Garden block!

  10. All I can say is “Wow!” My grandmother has a collection of quilt and her favorite is the seamless heart.