Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Thanks to everyone that let me know my photos were a no-show in my last post. It's a complete mystery to me what happened because, weirdly, I can see them from all my devices--go figure! The pictures were taken from my iPhone, so perhaps Blogger was unhappy about that? Anyway, if you would still like to see yesterday's photos (and you do!!) I have put them in my Flickr album HERE 

Last week my sister Cathy was here from California for a short visit. We were in my sewing room when she asked me where I cut my fabric. 
Ha! Good question!! 
Okay, I had a huge mess and piles of stuff that needed to be sorted out. 
I'm participating in a block swap that will take place in October, and these fabrics were in the heap. We are using Laundry Basket fabrics--a print for the star and a batik for the background. The star is from a Terry Atkinson pattern that she graciously allowed us to use for the swap. I decided I better get my blocks made before I lose the fabrics in the tidying process--something that happens to me a lot!!
I had completely forgotten about these How Does Your Garden Grow blocks until I found them under the pile. I got them all sewn together on Sunday so I could pin it up at the quilt shop to get a good photo. Of course, I took that photo with my phone. You can see the better photo at Flickr than this one I took this morning. There's a lot of border applique needed before it will be finished.
I finally finished piecing part one of the new ThimbleCreek mystery.
Sixty four pieces in a 6 inch block--yikes!
There wasn't a new clue this week, so I have until next week to get part two finished.
BTW--I see that the first mystery pattern is for sale on the website for $31! If you plan to make the quilt (named All Around Town), I hope you printed out the patterns while they were still available for free!
This months Buttermilk Basin BOM and the blog hop design done--yay!

I found my "note-to self" for the Temecula Summer Sampler--now I'm back on schedule and just have this weeks blocks to sew up. 

 I am sweating bullets and keeping my fingers crossed that yesterday was a fluke and today you will see pictures!!


  1. You and I share the same I saw that How Does Your Garden grow and almost bought it...but have to many WIP> Love your BOM too!! Wish I didn't miss the beginning of that one!

  2. Love your Sopie's quilt--that bird with the tulips is really lovely...hugs, Julierose

  3. Thanks for sharing the Sophie's Garden photos, I just got my pattern last week and trying to make some decisions about what fabrics to use. I think I'll choose the cotton backgrounds and then my wools. I'll probably be in a brighter clearer colours than what the pattern suggests. Thanks for sharing your groups inspirations.

  4. Thanks for the link to the other photos--gorgeous blocks!
    You have so many projects going on here--all good, but I am especially intrigued by your mystery blocks. And I love the BB blocks--your background fabric is so fun!

  5. You cleared up a lot this week. So many great blocks and projects you continue to work on. I signed up for the Thimble Creek Mystery. Your blocks are fantastic with all those pieces.

  6. Hello Karen! Looks like you had a lot of fun in the sewing room with your sister! Lots of beautiful projects that you are working on! I'm off to look at the photos from your last post! :) x

  7. Yes! Pictures are showing today.... yesterday I thought it was MY computer! lol! Thanks for sharing pics of your blocks! Love the thimblecreek mystery blocks! Now... on to Flickr to see yesterday's eye candy... ;-)