Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Retreat Show and Tell

The voting has opened for the Red and White Show It! You Made It! You Designed It! at the SewCalGal site HERE. You can vote once for your favorite quilt shown at the bottom of the blog post by clicking on the little heart in the upper right hand corner of the quilt photo.
Just a reminder: my quilt Hidden Hearts--haha!
I recently lost/misplaced my spare camera battery, so I need to apologize for my photos taken at Quilt Camp. Wouldn't you know that my battery would start to go dead during our show and tell event??
As a result, some of my photos are very blurry and several were a total loss ;-(
Never the less, there is still a lot of eye candy to be seen:
Sharyn sent me a couple photos, so I have my show and tell to post!
Hidden Hearts

and my Paper Dolls

 and the rest of the show:

Fraternal Twins!

Again, sorry about the blurs...

I wanted to show this even though very blurred--it covers a window in a camper.

and this one hangs behind the two front seats in the camper for privacy 

this is the back of the above quilt


and the back...



an antique quilt find

A quilt for Nancy--we all made blocks.
 And there is more....
The small quilts next time!!


  1. What a great show and tell! I just went and voted for your very pretty red and white quilt. Good luck!

  2. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! And you got my vote!!!

  3. Wow, that must have been some retreat! And I love your R&W!!