Friday, October 31, 2014

October Finishes

I'm so happy to have had time to get a QOV quilted this week--it's been on my shelf for a couple month's and I was feeling bad about not getting it finished. 
It went pretty quickly after I practiced the quilting design on my white board a few times. 
The design is called Loopy Clams.
I found the design on YouTube, demonstrated by Lyn Durbin at the above link.
It was a lot of fun and went pretty quickly.
I used Signature 40 wt. thread in the Mother Goose color. 

The Quilt of Valor top was pieced by the Brainerd MN QOV group.
They put the tops together in kits with the batting, back, binding and a matching pillowcase. The kits can be picked up at Country Fabrics, quilted, and returned to be bound.
It's a good way to get some quilting practice and help QOV at the same time.

I love the texture of Loopy Clams--I will be using this design again!

I didn't get all of my Halloween hexies stitched by the 31st, but here are a few newly finished.
This is Jack--
not sure why the purple stripes on his hat are so washed out in the photo.

I used black iridescence sequins for the bubbling brew in the cauldron.

I couched green chenille yarn for the hair.

And Frank!
Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. The Hallowe'en hexies are absolutely boo-tiful! Love them all!