Sunday, August 10, 2014

Soggy Sunday

It looks like we are going to have some much needed rain all day today, so that means a day of sewing with no guilt! 
There's a lot of outdoor work to be done, but we will be spending to day indoors. I need to catch up on my Sunflower Gatherings blocks, so I will be watching an old movie on TCM and do some hand stitching. 
Yesterday was a beautiful day which I'm sure was appreciated by anyone who attended the Camp Knutson Quilt Auction. I've never made it there--maybe next year!
I found this 2006 quilt when I was cleaning out a closet and decided to donate it to this year's quilt auction at Camp Knutson.

The quilt was labeled Lakeside Cottages--after this row, I'm guessing.

A little applique in the center of the crossed canoe blocks--the stems are couched chenille yarn.

There's even paper piecing--you know that's not my favorite technique!
I quilted it myself on my domestic machine--I had yet to purchase my HQ16 when I made this quilt.
If I remember correctly, this was a Batik Club project at Colorz for Quilts.
I'm glad I can donate it to a great cause and someone will be able to enjoy the quilt.
I hope the quilt did well in the auction! 

This Spring I donated Ring of Stars to the Green Lake Bible Camp for their quilt auction.
I got a letter in the mail a few days ago telling me the quilt sold for $750.
It's so wonderful that someone made such a generous donation to the Camp....
and ended up with a quilt to boot!
You can see the results page HERE
I hope they enjoy the quilt as much as I enjoyed making it!


  1. Just a lovely quilt...I especially like those houses and suns...but the whole thing is great! Hugs, Julierose

  2. I've never been very impressed with results when I've given large quilts for auctions. It probably was a blend of several reasons why they didn't raise much money, so now I focus more on smaller projects where hopefully more people feel they can bid.
    The money raised from your red quilt was impressive! But I'm not surprised. The quilt is a real beauty, and I'm sure the new owner is thrilled.
    Your new-found older quilt should do just as well. It's another beauty, and those batiks and fabulous quilting will bring on the bids.

  3. Wow Karen, how thoughtful and generous of you to donate those two beautiful quilts. Isn't it a good feeling, especially when they do so well and bring much needed funds to a good cause? And you know whoever bought them will love them, so it's a triple win!

  4. Beautiful quilts; the new owners should be thrilled!