Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gift Basket Progress

Gift Basket
I'm making the Gift Basket quilt pattern by Edyta Sitar as a model for Colorz for Quilts. As soon as I get it finished, there will be kits available at the shop. The fabrics are from her Snow Bird line for the most part, but there are a couple Daiwabo's and even a Jo Morton print thrown into the mix.
 The pattern is designed with just one background, but you know scrappy is more fun!!! 
Edyta suggests using a Clover bias tape maker to make the handles.
I didn't have the correct size, and I was eager to get started, so I used the pin method.
Please excuse my disgusting pressing surface---eeew!

Once the bias strips are completed, it's time to attach them to the backgrounds.
I traced the pattern template onto freezer paper and then ironed it to a piece of tag board and cut it out along the curved line.
Then I pinned the template to my pressing surface.
My finger pressed center line and also the bottom edge of the background rectangle slip in behind the template and lines up with the markings--easy peasy.

The bias handle strip butts up against the tag board template.
After gluing in place, the background pieces are slipped out and set aside for sewing.

Edyta suggests using fusible on the back of the handles to hold them in place.
I opted for basting glue--I'm using a ziggle (zig-zag wiggly line)
 of Quilter's Choice basting glue recommended by Kim Diehl--it's clear and really sticks!

I would find the approximate center of the handle strip and lay it at the top center marked line. Then the sides were laid in place on the glue and against the template. I gave the handle a good press with my iron to set the glue and get a nice sharp edge on the handle. The tag board made a nice edge to press against--I'll definitely use this method again--it was fast and easy.

Fifty six handles ready to go!


  1. Thank you for the information about the fabric glue and the mini tutorial on how to position the handles! It looks more complicated than it is. I love the fabrics you are using and look forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  2. So many nice blues for the baskets. Blue and white are such a soothing color combo.

  3. Neat way to make handles--thanks for the tutorial--This will be so nice!! hugs, Julierose

  4. What an awesome technique for getting the handles on in just the right place. I would glue, too. Another tip that I do when placing bias strips in a curve is to mist the prepared bias strips and then press a curve into them. You don't have to fuss about getting the perfect curve--whatever you get will help in the process of lining up your strip onto a curved "line."

  5. Lovely baskets! Thank you for the great tips about how you do your work. Inspiring!

  6. No wonder they are all perfect! Great process, thanks for sharing!

  7. What a lovely basket! I love the color of it! It looks like an antique basket.

  8. Your awesome tips actually make me want to start a basket quilt.

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