Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stitch Society Hexagons

I still have one design left to finish up from the Stitch Society packet handed out in May, but thought I would show off what I've completed so far.
The Easter Basket


Bird Nest

Rabbit with Lavender


Mother Goose
Our project for June is the Stitch Book, so it made sense to use one of the sampler designs to show off some of the stitches that go into the book. The beading around the edges is easy to stitch using a locking blanket stitch.

There will be lots more pages of stitches that will go into the book.
I'm not sure why Mr. Moosebay had a package of colorful binder rings, but I'm sure he won't miss a couple of them!

Now to finish up that last design from May and start in on the June packet!


  1. Ooh the rabbit is wonderful with its bunch of lavender. And the daffodils. What a great wool project.

  2. I love all your wooly applique patterns. Have you made patterns for these to sell? And if you have would you tell me where Ican buy the patterns. Thanks Elaine