Thursday, February 13, 2014

Triangle Fever

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I've been up to my elbows (well, maybe just my wrists) in half square triangles. I need LOTS of them. Originally I had planned to use the Magic 8 method to make the triangles I need for Simply Red, but at the last minute I switched gears--just couldn't face squaring up 388 HST's!
I love my Triangulations CD--best investment ever!!

Next step: snipping off those corners!

Yeah--it's gonna get messy.....
seems every third corner jumps out of the basket.

I highly recommend the spring action clippers to save your hands.
Next Step: pressing open and removing the paper...ack!
Good thing I have Downton Abbey waiting on the DVR!

This week's Quilty Fun block--Falling Leaves.

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  1. Simply red ? I tired a search of your blog and I was not able to find this quilt you are making . Do you have a picture ? Or do I have to wait until you finish it to see what it looks like ?
    Thank you