Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where to Start???

The New Year seems to be a good time to look back on what we've accomplished and where we are headed in the future. A lot of bloggers have done posts showing their finishes from last year. I had planned to do the same, but I found out I'm just too lazy to make the effort. Sorry!
I did go back through my posts and was amazed at how many things I had completed and forgotten that I had even done them.
It's also a good time to change those behaviors that we feel aren't in our best interest.
Or start some that are.

I've decided not to make any resolutions
My top resolution for 2013 was: I will not purchase any new fabric.
Okay, I admit that it was pretty unrealistic, but I also failed--miserably.
Now this sounds better: goals.
But what if you don't meet your goals? Then you are kind of a failure too.

I'm hearing Doris Day singing in my head:
Que sera, sera, What will be, will be.

So, no resolutions, goals, word of the year to live by, and by the way, 
I'm also not going to embrace the color of the year!

I think I'll go with this:


  1. Ha! I make a resolution/goal that I really want to keep. Like last year, I challenged myself to use three cones (over 5 miles) of thread. I did it by September or October! Now that was fun to keep.

  2. I find my self making the same ones over and over......wonder why that happens

  3. I don't like resolutions or goals either. And when I was about 13 for a school project we had to adopt a motto for ourselves. I picked whatever will be will be. Mum laughed and said that was so appropriate for me. It still is over 20 years later!

  4. Love your philosophy! I didn't make resolutions either. Just looked back at the year to see what I could learn from my life experiences.