Sunday, January 19, 2014

Recovery Mode

It seems like it always takes me a couple day to recover from a retreat.
 Of course, you don't get enough rest, sew like a madwoman for hours on end, and eat too many goodies--and it's all so much fun!! I did learn a lesson this time around--ALWAYS take your own pillow.
 I thought I could tough it out this time and I was wrong!!
I feel so relieved to have my 244 chevrons completed for step 2 of Celtic Solstice.

four patches
I got a very feeble start on the four patches for step 4.
 I just couldn't face the half square triangles and pinwheels in step 3 after making all those chevrons-- I had to skip ahead to something mindless. 

Stitch Therapy January
I haven't accomplished much since I've been back home (aside from housework and shoveling snow).
I've mostly been working on writing up my handouts for class tomorrow.
I'm so excited that our first Stitch Therapy meeting is on Monday.
These are my fabrics for Simply Red--yes, they're blue!!
I have a couple Minick and Simpson wool's for the applique, a few Primitive Gatherings prints for my backgrounds (these are from the Snowman Gatherings line) and, of course, some blue Cherrywood for the pieced blocks. By the way, for some giggles by the gals from Cherrywood, click HERE!

Did I mention that all of these fabrics are available at Colorz for Quilts???
 I may be adding some more blue prints for the piecing--we'll see!!


  1. I have a retreat this Thursday through Sunday. I can't wait. My own pillow is near the top of the list! I love all the blue fabrics!

  2. It sounds like a great time. And glad to see that you did get a lot of sewing done!

  3. I have the Simply Red booklet but have done nothing towards making a quilt. It is a wonderful design.