Friday, January 24, 2014

Like Sands Through the Hourglass.....

This week just disappeared on me--just too many things going on and too little time! Monday was our first Stitch Therapy meeting of 2014. I made up a schedule so hopefully (IF we stay on schedule) our quilt tops will be finished in September--maybe before!

Block one of Simply Red.
We are going to do 2 blocks a month. In February,
we will begin working on some of the piecing as well.

Block 2 of Simply Red
The designs aren't symmetrical--more whimsical and fun!
It's going to be great seeing everyone's blocks each month because we are going to have a lot of variety--red, blue, black, gold, and even a multi-color Simply Red!
I completely blanked on taking photos in class--hopefully I will remember next month, because I expect a lot of eye candy!!

Quilty Fun Sew Along
The trees for Quilty Fun Sew Along.
Quilty Fun Sew-along
It's been a while since I showed my progress on the Quilty Fun Sew Along--
these are the Chubby Chevrons!

Quilty Fun Sew Along
The quarter square triangles are put together to make hourglass units. 

Quilty Fun Sew Along
Lori has a really unusual method of making 4 patches--kind of wacky, but it works!!

These are all the components so far--Monday is week Eleven: Honeycombs.

Last Tuesday was the Breezy Point sew-in day. I managed to get my first 2 Simply Red blocks finished. Whew!
 Also, today was our first long arm quilting meeting of 2014. Denise showed us how to do "3's and E's"--looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to try it out, but I will need to do a lot of practice on the white board first.

Next week, I'm hoping to finish up a quilt that's been on the HQ16 for about 6 weeks--not much left to do, but it kind of got set aside when the Celtic Solstice mystery started.
Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I love your little bird.
    His wing reminds me of a slice of watermelon :-)

  2. I like the stark simplicity of your Simply Red, and then, for contrast, the colorful quilty one...HOW FUN!

  3. You have accomplished a lot. Your blue Simply Red blocks a good choice. I look forward to seeing pictures of blocks from your students to see their color choices.

  4. Love your simply red blocks in blue! Are you doing this with a group? They are wonderful! It's been a while since I could read blogs...enjoyed catching up on yours today!

  5. I love the Projects you showed us today! I am stopping by on the blog hop. I am a quilter as well! Somewhere in my journey in the past couple weeks there was a post where they too made the chevrons into "X's" to look like a cross-stitch. YOu are obviously very talented with those perfect corners! I am so happy I stopped by today!

  6. Hi thank you for stopping by it's lovely to meet you, I love, love, love the fabrics you've used in your hour glass and 4 patches. It's a pleasure to sign up to follow you I like to join the site and by email that way I don't miss anything lol.

    Peg x