Sunday, November 24, 2013

Plugging Along and Waiting....

I took a little time this week to figure out a layout for my Civil War blocks. 

I was inspired by a Paula Barnes quilt that Gruber's had hanging in their lobby last month. 
I changed it up a bit to accommodate my 49 blocks.
Red Crinoline: Elizabeth
 I also wanted it to be a rectangle. 
After a bit of tweaking in EQ7, I finally worked out a design that I am pretty happy with 
and can't wait to it see come together. 

CelticSolstice 009
Bonnie's colors for Celtic Solstice mystery quilt.

Are you planning to do Bonnie Hunter's 2013 mystery?? My first BH mystery was last year's Easy Street and I was able to use up a nice chunk of my stash. And it was fun to see how all the components would come together. After last year's little "snafu" with too little contrast between some of my chosen colors, I am being very careful to avoid that issue this year. That's the risk you take when you don't follow Bonnie's chosen palette!  

It was so hard to come up with my own color scheme--
I don't have large amounts of the colors Bonnie has picked out for her quilt. 
 After a lot of digging, I had an Ah-Ha moment--Christmas!!
You can print out Linda's swatch chart at Inklingo HERE
Bonnie's colors are on the left and Linda's on the right. 
I pulled some patches (center) from my box of pre-cut squares to decide what colors I would swap out.
Wouldn't it be great to use up ALL of this basket of fabric?
That's why I am not just doing a red and green quilt--
I have tan pine boughs, light blue snowy skies, and white on white snowflakes to use up too.


  1. Your plan for BH's mystery looks great! I decided not to participate this year. I seem to do them every other year. I suppose I'll regret it, but I'm feeling swamped with other stuff. I like the plan for the Civil War blocks, too!

  2. I love the colors on the right. They are softer.