Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mail Box Fun!

I got a couple of fun things in the mail this week--
one that I was not expecting for at least a couple more weeks! 
This is the finishing kit for Words To Live By.
 I think it weighs about 10 pounds--lots of fabric.
There are four more wool applique blocks for each corner and then there are all those half square triangles.
I have been leisurely working on the big center block thinking that the finishing kit wouldn't show up until well into November. Surprise! 
I also got one of my packages of swap blocks--the 6 inch blocks. This package came all the way to my local post office where they decided it looked suspicious and sent it back to Virginia. Fortunately they decided to  deliver it to me the second time it was mailed out. 
I was pretty worried it would end up in some post office purgatory. 
I've been having so much fun looking through my blocks. I can't show you all 50-some of them, but here are a few I have to share:
Of course I had to show you Kathy's block--she's the group Mom!
I love that blue floral. 

Sue was the swap hostess and made sure I got my blocks.
Thanks again, Sue! 

It's fun see little embellishments on some of the signatures.

One from our Northern neighbor.

Kim was pretty brave with this fancy signature. 

This one had pretty stamping in the corners--and beautiful handwriting! 

It's really fun to get blocks from Down Under. 

This one too!

And a couple from Europe--these fabrics even look Danish!

 Jo Moron fabrics really get around! 

I have to find some of that blue fabric in the flying goose--maybe a Judy Rothermel?

Bronwen in England took ill but still send signatures embellished with flower drawings.
I plan to put it into the center of one of my leftover blocks. 
Now to decide how to set my blocks...I'm pretty sure I will use Kathy's pattern from The Civil War Sewing Circle book--that's what the signature block was taken from and I really like the setting, but you never know...... 

I have a busy day tomorrow with our Long Arm Quilting group meeting in the morning. 
I'm teaching an embroidery class in the afternoon at Colorz--I've been preparing all day--hope I didn't forget anything! 


  1. Those signature blocks are awesome! I don't live too far from Midlothian, VA. There is a really great quilt shop there. I've had trouble with the Post Office myself recently. Grr.. I'm really glad that you got the blocks, though!

  2. I've also received the finishing kit for Words to Live By but I'm stashing it all away until next Winter when I plan on commencing this quilt. You've received lots of gorgeous signature blocks, looking forward to seeing all of these come together.