Monday, August 26, 2013

Down to the Wire---Again....

I have to admit that I am my own worst enemy. 
Early this spring, in a moment of weakness (and complete lack of judgement) I signed up for a block exchange on a Yahoo group that I belong to. That wouldn't have been so bad, but then I signed up for a second block exchange. I would say "what was I thinking", but obviously, I wasn't--thinking that is. Worse, after the sign-ups closed, there was a total of 60 in each of them. One hundred and twenty blocks. I can do it, I thought. I have the whole summer and can work on them a few at a time.

Did I do that? Heck no! My deadline is Sept. 15th--coming up pretty quickly now. Luckily a few people have dropped out so I can make 4 fewer blocks--like that will help!

Before I can get to those blocks, I have a couple other things to finish up--I have almost 3 whole weeks to get the exchange blocks done--right?? In the meantime, I am desperately trying to stay cool. We don't have central air, but my sewing room does have a small air conditioner that I hate using.
This quilt hangs in a corner of my sewing room.
It's an old Pat Sloan pattern.

Voila! I can roll up the quilt to expose the air conditioner.
I really despise using it because it sounds like a jet engine at take-off, but since it will get up to the high 90's with equally high humidity today, the air will be running at full capacity! 
 I have to share these awesome blocks that my friend Paula is designing for her Dear Jane quilt.
 She has been working on this project for years (like many of us) and has replaced many of the blocks with some of her own design. These are a few of her border blocks that she brought to this month's Stitch Therapy meeting:

I love this fussy cut pomegranite!

So cute!

Sweet little iris.

I wish the photos showed how perfect her applique is--the tiniest stitches I have ever seen!
These almost look like they are printed on the fabric--they are so flat! 
That's it for today--stay cool!!


  1. I'm down to the wire on this month's Schnibble. Yikes! Why do we do that? I really enjoyed the applique eye-candy, too. By the way, I saw your post about your anniversary but for whatever reason, I wasn't able to reply. I hope your day was great!

  2. I like how you keep that air-conditioning unit covered up. Unique.

  3. I get anxious thinking about keeping up with the "one" block exchange I'm in, and there are only six of us! Unfortunately, I do tend to volunteer - or get "volunteered" - for various group projects more than I think is wise, so I know the feeling. Good luck with it all!

  4. I'm always working down to the wire. It's my modus operandi! I love your pic you found for shooting yourself in the foot.