Sunday, August 11, 2013

Book Lovers Day--August 9th

Moda had a little blog hop on Friday celebrating favorite quilting books--read about it HERE.

Well, I'm a little late to the occasion. 
Friday was our 44th wedding anniversary and we went on a little road trip. 
There were chickens, turkeys and ducks everywhere outside the logging camp where we had dinner.
Yeah, we're classy! 
Quilt Minnesota 2013 Exclusive Fabric
Saturday I helped out at Colorz for Quilts. They had two buses stopping in, packed with State Shop Hoppers. One more week to go before the fun ends! 
So, although I'm late, I thought I would go ahead and do a post about the book that inspired me to start quilting, because it's such a fun topic.
 I would have to say that book was Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. 
I never owned a copy, but I must have checked it out of the library at least a dozen times!
I'm pretty sure it wasn't the second edition either. 
While these weren't my very first quilts (I made a few in the 70's for my son's when they were small), I consider them my first real quilts since they are quilted, not tied.

Well, of course I would make this one first--what could be easier? If you have the book, you know I made this almost exactly like the photo in the book. I loved the way each block was made up of various strips of the same color and it took me forever to collect all the fabrics. Naturally, they haven't aged very well since they were the cheapest of the cheap fabrics--probably flat folds from Ben Franklin.
I'm not sure that I even knew there were actual quilt shops back then. 
I had to make this one--blue and white! It was also a great learning experience--lots of different techniques.
This was almost exactly copied from the book right down to the stripe in the sashing--hard to see in this photo.
A lot of these fabrics have also faded to gray--more cheap fabric.

I am trying to make up for my wayward cheap-o fabric purchases of the past. 
My latest shopping therapy:

Some new sale fat quarters to add to the stash. 
They're inexpensive quality fabrics! 

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  1. I've just spent many enjoyable minutes, hopping from this post to an older one, to a different one, to a different one. As an Iowa gal, I've been tempted by the MN Shop Hop but haven't actually done it yet. The fabric line each year is always so tempting.
    Enjoyed reading about your Fallout Shelter Q kit, with the bad instructions. How do designers let that happen? Glad you found a way to finish it with your own fabric.
    The Paper Dolls pattern is one I nearly bought at the AQS show in Iowa a couple years ago. I remember meeting Phyllis Paul, who had such wonderful packaging for her kits. I was tempted to buy a couple kits for her packaging, as much as what was inside. Hopefully I'll see her again this year when I go back.
    Thanks for the entertainment, Karen.

    BTW--happy anniversary. My hubbie and I celebrated our 41st anniversary this month. Happy Anniversary to all of us.