Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Clean Up Time

My friend Lois sent me this and I had to share!

My plan to use the AC unit in my sewing room didn't exactly pan out.
When Mr. Moosebay decided to cut a hole in the wall to install the AC, he should have also put in a separate circuit. It seems that every single light and outlet on our upper level is on the same circuit, which means there is no ironing while the air is on or no AC while ironing. So, to solve that dilemma,  Mr. Moosebay has me run a heavy duty extension cord to another circuit when using the air conditioner. Yesterday, the old cord decided to give up and started on fire. Luckily the AC unit started making crazy noises and I investigated before any fabric was damaged!
I phoned Mr. Moosebay who happened to be at Menard's to apprise him of this situation. He brought home a new cord and got everything back into working order. 
An hour after that, we had a scary storm blow through and lost power.
I decided to leave the AC off for now.


My hanging baskets got so heavy from hail pellets that the hook they were on bent.
One of the baskets fell about 20 feet and was demolished.

Fortunately, we didn't lose any trees. Our neighbor across the street lost three.
Everything is plastered with leaves and twigs though.

My tomato plant got pounded pretty bad. Again.
I hope he hangs in there long enough for the fruit to ripen.

I was thrilled that my vine wasn't damaged--it's been fun watching the hummingbirds visit!


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm really glad you heard trouble before there was a serious fire! I guess it wasn't your day to sew, though. What a storm! I hope your tomatoes make it. My garden was an unmitigated disaster this year.

  2. Jeez I'm glad there was no big fire. It all sounds a bit like an electrical schemozzle, which sounds like something my husband or Dad would rig up!