Saturday, November 24, 2012

You Must Remember This....

A while back I showed you some photos from my previous sewing space (shudder). 

I'm trying to forget this--yikes!
I just realized that I never showed the "after" photos from my new quilting space. I took these photos a while back so things don't look quite as organized today, but it's better than what I used to call a sewing room.

This was Mr. Moosebay's closet when we used this room as our bedroom.
 My  youngest son made the little book shelf that holds my favorite quilt books.

More books and magazines are stored in stacked fruit crates inside the closet.
I have lots of fruit crates from when I sold antiques in Crosby--they make nice modular shelving!
I hang my quilting templates on a cork board back there.

This is the closet straight-on. My Hardanger valance is a garage sale find.
Next to the closet is my pressing area. There's an air conditioner behind the  quilt on the wall.  Mr. Moosebay attached a board with hooks to the wall so I can hang my portable design wall. If I decide to take it somewhere, it can be lifted off of the hooks.  I think I took this photo in September judging by the A Bountiful Life progress on the design wall. 

This is directly opposite the design wall. To the left, is a big window between the air conditioner and another fruit crate book case. I tried to stay away from putting anything too close to the window because of the base-board heating unit beneath the window. My laptop is there by my bungee chair and my printer is in the foreground on the right.
Mr. Moosebay and sons installed the hickory flooring and the new moldings.
You can see I get a lot of nice light when the sun is shining!

Check back....more photos of the sewing space next time!


  1. Very nice. I like the cats and lace. Looks like a place where you could get a lot done.

  2. Lovely space. I really enjoy looking at other people's sewing spaces. I like your removable design wall too.