Monday, November 26, 2012

The Rest of the Story

These are photos of the other side of the sewing room. 
When you first walk into the room you will see my HQ16 quilting machine. There's a double closet on the wall to the right. We haven't chosen closet doors for this room yet, so I have temporary curtains hanging over the two closets (I dislike dusting my clothing). 

I'd like to say that I listen to classical music or  books on tape, but the truth is, I am hooked on Court TV.
Someday I will invest in an anti-fatigue runner to stand on while quilting. In the meantime, my yoga mat is doing  the job. 
This bookcase (made by Mr. Moosebay!) holds my quilting tools, books and patterns.
It's also where my sock monkeys live, along with my jars of wooden spools and buttons.
The quilt hanging on the wall started with the sock monkey orphan block.
Right next to the bookcase is the door to the master bath. With one wall of all windows and another of all doors, it 's really difficult to come up with a way to arrange things. 
The cutting table sits at the end of a stack of shelving. The drawers hold machine embroidery supplies (that I never use) and rarely used specialty rulers.  My sewing area is behind this area. Sorry for the glare--it was a very sunny day when these photos were taken! 

This is where I sew--directly opposite my computer. I know it seems like a tiny space, but it works for me.  I picked up the  Scandinavian shelving system from the backroom storage areas when the Petrie Stores closed down. We have a ton of this shelving and use it in our garage also. I'm hoping that when (if?) I whittle down my stash, I will replace the shelving with something less bulky and open up the sewing area. At least I face the window overlooking the lake! 

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