Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Bit of Christmas

 So far, this is the extent of my Christmas decorating. 
I'm just not feeling it this year, obviously!
I finally put up my mantle cloth I showed a while back HERE.

I probably wouldn't  have this much decorating done if I hadn't recently finished the mantle cloth and not packed it away yet.
And I just got the sign in the mail.
 I needed a few notions from Joann's so I added the sign to my shopping cart (it's all about the free shipping!).
 Merry Christmas to me!

I can see now that I need to straighten out the mantle cloth!
This year we are doing our family Christmas early (this coming Sunday!) at my brother Dave's house, so I don't really feel the need to do much more decorating.
Well, maybe a little more.....! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Report

I seem to have quite a stack of new book piling up on my quilting table--I thought I would share a few!
Well, this isn't a book obviously.
 I won this pile of very generous half yard cuts during the Henry Glass blog hop to introduce their new book A Flair for Fabric.

I also won an virtual (e-book) copy of the book which featured quilts designed by Henry Glass fabric designers such as Kim Diehl, Buggy Barn, and Heather Mulder Peterson (just to name a few!).
There are great designs in the book--made with Henry Glass fabrics, of course! 

I also won this book from Debby Kratovil in September.
I found it very interesting--I learned a lot about the history of our national anthem that I never knew!

Okay, back to quilts!
My sister's and I usually go for gift cards for our birthdays--easy to mail!
My sister Mary gifted me with an Amazon card this year, so I picked up a couple books that I had in my Wish List.

I've had a lot of fun reading about this crazy silk coverlet!
 It's the oldest dated piece of patchwork in Britain--very fragile!
There are patterns for the 69 blocks that make up the design--I think it would look great recreated with Cherrywood fabrics. 

This is one filled with fun scrappy quilts.
You know I love scrappy!

The back of the book gives you some idea of what's inside--there are several quilts I would love to make from this book!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Slow Sunday Stitiching

Even though things are very busy on Moose Bay, I managed to complete a few more of my wool hexagons from the next group of fifteen:
This is the first time I've used the bouillon stitch on any of the hexies--hard to see, it is used for the green "drops".

The Pear

The Peach



Bee Skep

Nine more to go in this group!
If I finish my Christmas cards today, I will be doing a little stitching on these today!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scrappy Patches

A while back Lori of Humble Quilts had a sew along for an adorable little quilt. She has had several sew along's and you can see some of them here.
I went so far as to get out my boxes of squares...these are the 2.5"

These are the rest that measure under 5"--there's a layer of 1.5"squares in the bottom

Well, I never got around to starting Lori's little mystery, but one morning I saw THIS BLOCK on Lori Holt's blog.
Since I have a plethora of 1.5" squares I decided to try it out with my scraps in a smaller size. 

Yes, that mess above is just these 2 components (x8) laid out on my block board to make one Crossroads block.

Using my medium/dark 1.5" squares and 2.5' light squares, my block is half the size of Lori's.
It finishes at 8"and I think it's pretty cute!

I cooked up a couple layouts in EQ7 using a straight set (35 blocks) and on point (32 blocks).
They both finish at just about the same size--I'm leaning toward the straight set on the left

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Scraptastic Tuesday

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow???

How Does Your Garden Grow applique and patchwork quilt by Norma Whaley
A few weeks ago, I won a chance to choose a pattern from Timeless Traditions.
 Norma has so many sweet patterns and it was very hard to decide, but I have loved "How Does Your Garden Grow" ever since she showed sneak peeks of it on her blog. I knew her pattern for "Silent Night" would be in the current issue of Simply Vintage and her "Woodland Tree Skirt" is in Quiltmania this month too, so.... "How Does Your Garden Grow" was it!
I was so excited when the pattern came in the mail!
 I just had to make the strip sets right away and cut the applique background triangles from my little stash of Aged Canvas
Those wrinkles and variations in color are all dyed into the fabric--the triangles are actually pressed perfectly flat.

I was so excited, I couldn't stop myself from setting up a few of the wool applique blocks, even though I should be working on finishing at least one of my UFO's for December...and then there are always my wool hexies to stitch.....

okay...I lied...I set up ALL the bad...!

So instead of finishing a UFO, I have started a new one--ack.
Good bye "How Does Your Garden Grow"--I'm putting you away in an Art-Bin.
See you in the Spring!
You can see a few variations of How Does Your Garden Grow HERE

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Few Little Finishes...

I've added a few more wool hexagons to the DONE pile:
Baby Jesus


Candy Cane

Gingerbread Man

Christmas Stocking

Santa's Helper

My Temecula Quilt Company Little Letter's is quilted and bound.

I used my Clam Shell ruler and 50 wt. Aurifil thread color #2310.

And since a quilt isn't really finished until it has a label, I will be stitching this today.

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Slow Sunday Stitching

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Little "Favorite Things" Tutorial

Thank goodness I sometimes write myself notes--even better if I remember to read them! 
I turned my appointment book to December yesterday and had written a reminder to bring along a "favorite item" to exchange at the Stitching Society meeting this Thursday. ACK!
It's easy to pick my favorite thing to do--stitching!
One thing I can't do without while enjoying my favorite activity, is my little thread catcher. So, I guess it is one of my favorite things! I take it with me everywhere I do stitching and those little snippets from embroidering or binding or whatever go into my little catcher. It squashes down into almost nothing and can be easily tucked into a small take along bag. No more bits of thread all over the car interior or your friends living room furniture!

You can make your own in a snap!
 If you have a 10" 60 degree ruler, you have the pattern.
Otherwise, you need an equilateral triangle--most any size will do, but not too little.

After cutting out your triangles, (you need two per thread-catcher, an inside and an outside) mark each corner using a spool as a guide.

Carefully trim the corners on the marked lines at each corner.
Layer the inside and outside fabrics right sides together.
  •  Note that each of the triangles should have one side that has been cut on the straight of grain. Make sure both triangles are aligned with the straight of grain together
Now sew all around, leaving a 3"-4" opening on the straight of grain side of the layered triangles.

After sewing all around (careful sewing around those corners will make prettier points when turned!), use your point turner to smooth the seams. See how nice the opening folds in where you left it un-sewn  on the straight of grain?
You're welcome!
No need to sew that opening up--it will be taken care of in the next step!

Now  match the points with the inside fabric to the inside.
Pin at about the center distance from the fold to the point.

Do that on all three sides.
See my folded in seams--those will be sewn shut now!

Sew from the fold to the pin marker using a generous 1/8" seam, back stitching at both ends.
This is what you will get.

Now you can tack the points down with beads, buttons, yo-yo's or what ever you desire.
Make it cute!
I like to tie buttons on with floss using a square knot--then there is only a tiny stitch on the inside.

I added wool balls to my pin cushion--is it weird?

I couldn't remember if we are supposed to bring this "favorite" something for everyone (it's not a big group) or if we are exchanging gifts one on one.
I guess I should have written myself a more detailed note!
So I made a pile of thread catchers.

Of course, as I do my favorite thing--stitching--I always have either hot or cold tea nearby.
 And occasionally a piece of dark chocolate is necessary--especially with salted caramel--so that will be added to the gift package too!