Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunflower Gatherings Update

Several years ago, I made a blue version of Flight of Fancy
At our sew-in last week, Sherry brought in two of her latest finishes that I had to share:
This is a her Flight of Fancy by Crabapple Hill Designs.
I love this brown version!
The embroidery patterns are so beautiful!
 I changed the alternate block pattern to an uneven nine patch and so did Sherry.
My friend Sandi has made a green version with the same alternate block.

Meg's original Flight of Fancy done in French General Fabrics.
I felt that the big four patch alternate block kind of overwhelmed the delicate embroideries.

Sherry also finished this gorgeous Edyta Sitar spool quilt--wow!!
I have an empty tub!!
Sunflowers Gatherings is done...well, almost...
I've been keeping on task, trying to get my Sunflower Gatherings top together now that all the blocks have been sent out. I didn't opt in to purchase the finishing kit, so I am doing my own borders. 
Primitive Gatherings
This is the start of my borders.
 I brought the "chain" out to points using scraps from my stash and strips of Primitive Gathering's background prints that I've been collecting this summer.

Primitive Gatherings
There won't be much more added to bottom and sides, but I am testing out an idea for a top border.

More later!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's a Wrap!

This week marked the last meeting of Stitch Therapy for 2014. 
We had several tops almost ready to be quilted!
Kathy Schmitz
Paula had her gorgeous black and cream version completed!

Kathy Schmitz
Pam's adorable blue version with an applique border she designed.

Kathy Schmitz
And how fun is this one??? I love all the colors of wool set off by the red and green piecing.

Kathy Schmitz
The gradient colors in the wool appliques are so cool.

Kathy Schmitz
Another blue version--happy scrappy!

Kathy Schmitz
Lots of prints in dark and light blues--so pretty!

Kim Diehl
We had other show and tell too--how cute is this Kim Diehl design with antique buttons?

The start of a Christmas quilt!

Tiny little pumpkins--those flowers in the border are the teeniest buttons ever!

 I haven't decided what project we'll work on next year, but I have a few ideas!!
Whatever it will be, it's going to fun to see everyone put their own spin on it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We Have a Winner!

True Random Number Generator  8Powered by RANDOM.ORG
The winner of the Brilliant Bindings ruler is number 8:
Congrats Colleen!I'll be sending an email to collect your mailing address.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A series of Eagle Quilts?

I haven't started an Eagle Quilt yet, but 
I seem to be seeing eagles everywhere! 
I've always wanted to make this Jo Morton quilt.
(Banner Day book)

And I have the panel needed to make this Jo Morton quilt.
(Banner Day book)

This Kim Diehl pattern is also on my list!
(Simple Season's book)

My friend Julierose reminded me about this one in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.
(October 2002)

Maybe a quilt of just eagles?
(Nancy Kirk collection)

And right outside my sewing room window, the eagle watches!!
(wish it was a better photo--taken through the glass window and it was raining!)
I think I see a series of Eagle Quilts in my future!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunflower Gatherings--getting there!

I'm still open to signing up for the notion give-away
I should have mentioned that I'll pick a winner on Sunday September 14th using the random number generator.

I've been sewing like crazy trying to get my Sunflower Gatherings summer blocks of the week finished. I had waited to piece the alternate blocks until last week when the last of the fabrics arrived in the mail. 
Sunday night:
Here they all are--finished and ready to sew into a top! Yay!

Monday afternoon:
The top is together. The inner borders are pieced and ready to sew on.
Then I need to go back and start appliqueing all the pieces that overlap into the neighboring blocks--I hope I can decipher my note on the threads that I used--we'll see!
Hopefully the next time you see this, it will be done....

Friday, September 5, 2014

I Have a Notion....

Not so long ago, the big box craft store who's name starts with a "J", had an online notion sale. I needed a few things, and to qualify for free shipping, I perused the notions pages for other items that sounded interesting.
Don't we all love new-to-me notions?
I had read about these fork pins and decided to give them a try. The pins are supposed to be great for securing either side of a seam instead of using 2 pins.  I found they worked pretty slick keeping the long yardage together that I was sewing together for a backing. They don't fall out, and seemed to keep the layers of fabric more stable. I like them!
(I did remove the selvages after sewing my seam in case you were wondering.)

I had never seen this notion, but after trying other methods of cleaning the bottom of my iron that didn't work, I decided to try out this iron cleaner stick. I forgot to get a "before using" photo--the stick is much prettier when it's new!

I'm surprised there is this much of the product left after cleaning my iron.
It had a big job to do after all the wool fusing I've been doing all summer!

Looky here!
This sole plate hasn't been this shiny since it was taken from the box!
Bohn Iron Cleaner is going on my "always have on-hand" list--love it.
FYI: It is messy--the iron is on the wool setting and the gunk drips right off like melted butter.
You need to cover your pressing surface with an old cloth to catch spills and polish the sole plate.

This handy little tool wasn't from "J"'s.
 I won it during a Notion Commotion blog hop from Kristine Poor of Poorhouse Quilt Design.
Check out her blog Quilting at the Poorhouse HERE.
She also sent me a kit for one of her Fold 'n Stitch Holiday Ornaments-hopefully I'll get it finished before Christmas!
Anyway, this precise tweezers works great on getting the last remnants of the dreaded paper piecing removal paper bits. I don't remember what it was I paper pieced (blocked from my memory--not a fan), but this tool was invaluable--the Dritz Soft Grip tweezers

During the Notion Commotion blog hop, I also won this Brilliant Bindings long arm ruler (1/4" thick as opposed to the usual 1/8" thickness of regular rulers)  from Debbie Wendt. It's to be used to attach binding to the quilt while still on the machine. I haven't had the guts chance to do that yet, but it's kind of become my go-to ditch quilting tool.
 I'll give the binding a try soon! 
Debbie also sent me her regular (non longarm) ruler to give away!
 She has a video on how to use the tool.

To win the Brilliant Bindings ruler, leave a comment on this post.

Note: if you subscribe via email, you will have to click through to go to the actual blog post.
If you reply to the emailed post, I have no idea where the reply goes, but I can assure you I never receive it.
I'm guessing they are floating around out there in outer space with (spoiler alert) George Clooney in Gravity

Gift Basket Update

It's been a crazy week and I just realized that I needed to post some photos of the Gift Basket quilt finished!
Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts
Gift Basket pattern by Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts.

Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts
I took the finished top to my longarm group two weeks ago for a little advice on the quilting.
It's so obvious to me now, that the baskets needed a flower quilted into them.
Of course that never occurred to me--thank goodness for our longarm group and the awesome input!

Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts
At first, I had planned to use the same flower design in every basket, but once I got started, I couldn't stop trying to invent new floral and leaf designs. This turned out to be a lot of fun to quilt. 

Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts
Marcia Stevens suggested using an icy blue/gray thread and she was right on the mark--it was perfect.
I used 50 wt. Aurifil color #2610.

Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts
Marcia also pointed out that the space between the baskets was a perfect opportunity to put in a leafy vine.
 When Marcia speaks, I listen!!!

Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts
I went back to the scrap bag and made another basket for the label--
a special label for a special quilt.
This scrappy version of Gift Basket will be available as a kit soon at Colorz for Quilts

Kathy Schmitz
By the way, they now have kits for my Simply Red in Blue quilt too!

Since there's a blue theme going today (okay, almost everyday here!) I had to show this bundle of fabric I recently won in a drawing from Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions. She is a wonderful designer and has an very inspiring blog HERE. It's not going to be difficult finding a place for these sweet shirting's!

And a little more addition to the stash--I wanted some yardage from the Haberdashery line by Jo Morton and somehow a fat quarter bundle of the blues from Woodlands jumped into my cart too.
I had been a little peeved that the Old Country Store closed last year before I had a chance to use my gift certificate, but guess what?
The new owners re-instated my expired gift certificate code and allowed me to use it--pretty nice of them, I think!