Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Finish!

I got my Summer Crazy Tablemat finished while it still looks a little like summer in my garden (if you ignore the falling leaves and that acorn)!
This was another project on my Finish-A-Long list.

I'm loving how the Buttermilk Basin Let It Snow mystery is coming along, and I can hardly wait to see what will go in that empty space next month!
I was sooo relieved that the W fit on the last scrap of the blue check I've been using for the word SNOW--whew! 

Yesterday I had a super fun day with friends at Quilted Treasures--a lecture/trunk show with Edyta Sitar. She was so warm and delightful aaand......she will be publishing a blue and white quilt book later this year--yeehaw!! 

She will also have a book of small quilts coming out soon.
Wouldn't it be a fun to make them all as a group??
All of the quilts she brought were wonderful. She also had a few antique quilts along from her collection that she has used as inspiration for some of her designs--very fun to see those! 
One of my favorites from the show was this Hawaiian Delight Pineapple Quilt.

This Stars Upon Stars was amazing!!
I wonder how it would look with a blue chain in place of the pink--hmmmm?

Slow and Steady is from Edyta's  Handful of Scraps book--such a fun version of a Snail's Trail--I may have dig out my book and think about making one of these!
I'll be spending the rest of this week getting ready for Quilt Camp on Saturday--can't wait!!
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Front Porch Progress

Today is Front Porch Link-Up day over at Lori's blog....
...and these are my three flower pots and surrounding filler blocks.
Instead of plain blocks of fabric, I added some stars and moons.

I went ahead and put together the basket area...

..and the house block.
I'm thinking I will add centers to the flowers eventually.
On to the birdhouse block!!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Free Day!

I hardly knew what to do with myself this morning when the 365 Challenge email came through. For the autumn/spring equinox earlier in the year, we had a choice of blocks depending on what hemisphere we resided in. The miracle isn't that I made both blocks months ago, but that I actually found the autumn block I had made way back when...lol! 

Well, not knowing what to do didn't last too long--I was two weeks behind on the Temecula Circa 2016 blocks. They were very easy though and made up pretty quickly, so I decided to get a walk in before it rains. 
Even though it was a little misty on Saturday, the Willow Wood Market Outdoor Quilt Show went ahead. It was so fun to see quilts hung from the trees beside and behind the shop. It was a winding path, with quilts around every bend. A maze of amazing quilts--so fun! 

My favorites were these three scrappy quilts all made by the same quilter.
A fun little spinner....

this wheel quilt was especially awesome! 

The postage stamp quilt was my very favorite--what is it about tiny squares?
(That ice cream cone border across the top is from the quilt behind this one).
The maker's daughter is also putting together a postage stamp quilt and using leftovers from this  one--that will make it even more special!
I am sooo close to the finish on mySummer Crazy Table Mat --I'm very excited to get it finished!
The crazy stitches have been a bit of a learning curve, but very fun.
I got a jolt of stitching inspiration today from the Allie Aller Crazy for Crazy Quilts segment on the Quilt Show. If you use the LINK at Allie's  blog, you can watch it for the next few days for free! Her segment is about 40 minutes long, so grab your favorite beverage, sit back in a comfy chair, and enjoy! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I guess it's been a while since I last posted. I've been working hard on getting my September UFO quilted, as well as some other distractions--lol! 
I'm feeling a little ashamed, but I couldn't help but take a trip to St. Cloud last week to add twelve-plus yards of fabric to my stash. A $5-a-yard Gruber's sale was more than I could resist. Mr. Moosebay chauffeured, and we had a nice lunch out, so it was a good great day! 
Another distraction--the Circa 2016 blocks--they are always fun to make. These are from September 2nd--I still need to get going on last Friday's nine patches. 

I just spotted a big boo-boo in one of these 365 Challenge blocks!
I guess I'll be doing a little reverse sewing after my walk this afternoon.
I'm almost caught up with this week's blocks--always a good feeling. 

A couple weeks ago, we were given the pattern for one of the twelve inch corner blocks--it gives me hope that the ending will be coming! 

I'm thrilled that I can check another Finish-A-Long goal off my list.
These are place mats that I made from practice blocks during an online EQ7 class. I handed them off to awesome Arlene last night at our quilt guild meeting. She takes care of collecting them for Meals on Wheels. They will go out with Christmas meals later this year. 

 I needed a leader/ender project, so I decided to add to my Temecula Olympic Challenge quilt top. These scrappy four patches are perfect to use up more squares from my stash! 
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

A New Month..

Yikes! I sure don't know where the summer went... it seems almost impossible that September is here.. 
September 1st is the reveal for round four of the Gwennie Inspired Medallion Quilt Along. At this point my top measures 49.5" square. I believe round five will be the final round and I'm excited to learn what the "theme" will be.
See more medallions HERE 
Humble Quilts

As I mentioned in my previous post, I appliqued down the orange flange between rounds three and four, added a round of Maverick Stars, and went back to round three to add some hexies. I've been using lots of (for me) "out of the box" colors: orange, pink and purple. And surprisingly, I like it! 

I don't think I've shown my "How Does Your Garden Grow" top since I finished the applique. I'm nominating it for my September UFO/OMG quilt. I have lots of quilting ideas from the long arm quilt group that I belong to, and I'm pretty excited to get started on it! 
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Slow Sunday

A few finishes at the end of the week:
I must have been in a red/brown mood when I made these Temecula Circa 2016 pinwheels. 

Mr. Snow "O" looks much better with eyes! 

My August OMG--Temecula Summer Sampler.
This was also on my Finish-A-Long list--two in one--yay!
(The quilt is pinned on what was once my garden shed until the three men in my life filled it with their stuff. Check out those plastic curtains--lol!) 

You know what I always say--it's not finished without a label! 

I used a pantograph to do the quilting and bound it with the same fabric as the border--keeping it simple. 
I decided that I needed a color break between the round three log cabin blocks and the round four star blocks on my Gwennie Inspired Medallion.
I couldn't just add another small border because it would throw off the math for round four, so I glued this orange flange in place before sewing round four to the medallion.

The flange was a little wide, so I appliqued it down so it wouldn't be a floppy flange.
I've been thinking for a while that I should repeat the hexie flowers and fill up those spaces on the log cabins, so I've been making half flowers to fit that area.
 Only 14 more to stitch in place today!
 Enjoy your Slow Sunday Stitching! 
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Too Many Works in Progress Wednesday

I have so many unfinished projects to work on, some days I don't know where to start. 
Of course, every day I need to make one of the 365 Challenge blocks--these are from last week. 

I don't think that I've already confessed to adding these beautiful yarn dyed woven fabrics to my stash last week. I may have need to get some yardage of a few of them when I'm at Colorz on Friday. 

I was pretty good at keeping up with the Temecula Patchwork Olympics last week....

...and ended up with another quilt top to add to the UFO bin....

...and also got caught up on the Circa 2016 blocks.
We have been doing three blocks the last two weeks. 

Another Blackbird Gathering block finished....

and some Maverick Stars for my Gwennie Inspired Medallion. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one using these on round four!
I'm afraid my Maverick Stars aren't as maverick as they should be, but I'm trying to be less up-tight--really! 

There were a couple 6" blocks included in this week's 365 Challenge grouping--a nice change-up. 

I'm not quite done stitching this months Buttermilk Basin Let It Snow block, but it should be finished tonight.

 I do have a complete finish--quilted, bound and labeled!
Little Wooly Baskets is on my 2016 Finish A Long list, so I'm happy to check it off the list.
 Now to get back to some of those other projects!
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