Friday, October 2, 2015

October UFO goal.....

I really want to get my ThimbleCreek Mystery (sewn earlier this year) done before the current Halloween mystery is finished--wish me luck! 

It's already loaded on the machine--that's a step in the right direction!

It's a very busy quilt and my advisers agreed that an edge to edge quilting design would be just fine. I decided to use this pantograph called Flirtatious. I've used it before, and I noticed that the open areas in the quilting design on the previous quilt puffed out in a distracting fashion. So...I have drawn curls at various places on a vinyl overlay with a dry erase marker. Hopefully that will prevent the puffs--if I remember to stitch in the curls!
I found a little time to stitch in between packing--I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Quilt Camp and will be back late in the week. Have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

There's not a lot happening on Moose Bay this week.
Mostly, I've been getting ready for a retreat, but managed to squeeze in cutting out Clue 8 for the ThimbleCreek Halloween Mystery. I only have this one block together so far. 

Joe's instructions are to put the blocks pieces together in rows, but I found it easier to do the construction as a nine patch.
I plan to work on finishing the rest of these blocks at retreat, and hopefully will also get the Clue 9 blocks cut out so I can bring those along too.
First I need to change my rotary cutter blade and oil up my machine!!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's Almost a Wrap...

I almost forgot about my September UFO finish! 
Luckily after a couple days of rain, there has been some lovely weather and I managed to get outside and take a few photos.
I think I'm naming this Four Patch Stars.
You may remember this was a free pattern at Windham Fabrics, Worn and Loved. The four patches are from a swap. I thought this pattern was going to use up a lot more four patches than it did--I should have quadrupled the pattern and made a bed quilt!

I used several curved rulers to accomplish the quilting.
The thread is a medium tan: Aurifil # 2325.

Oops--I neglected to put on a label--I guess that will be some of my Slow Sunday Stitching today!
The border print down the center is a Jo Morton fabric that was leftover from a strippy quilt I made a while back, It worked out perfectly to make my backing fabric wider. 

The main backing fabric is from an older Connecting Threads line. 

I wasn't real happy with the quilting I did in the border, so I'm glad you can't see it in these photos--haha! 
Of course, when you have your face right in it while doing the binding, every flaw jumps out. Plus, I just didn't like the design. I had planned on picking it all out and redoing it, but after a few days, it didn't look as awful as I first thought...and I really don't relish doing all that reverse sewing! So, for now, it is what it is....
I'll be doing a little stitching on this month's Buttermilk Basin block today too.
I think this is one of my favorite blocks so far: sunflowers, white pumpkins and canning jars--so fun!
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Already?

I've been a machine quilting fool this week and finished the machine quilting on two quilts--pretty good for me!
For the quilting on the Colorz model, I found this pantograph at Urban Elementz. It's one of their free designs, Pansies. You can download one page and then make copies to tape together long enough for the span of your quilt. I felt the design was a bit small, so I enlarged it 150% and redrew parts of it.

I used Aurifil # 2125--yellow with a hint of green.

I forgot to take a photo of the whole quilt before I dropped it off--sorry!
Maybe I'll remember to get one once it is hanging in the shop. 

Monday was the final Stitch Therapy for 2015.
This is Twyila's top--one row to go! 

Merrily pieced this beautiful top and her husband (who is the long arm quilter in the family) will be quilting it--gorgeous!!

This is the panto I chose for the QOV kit I picked up last month.
I had forgotten how difficult it is to keep the laser light on those long curves.
I've made a note to myself to never use this one again--lol!

The name "Funky Fans" is very appropriate--maybe "Really Funky Fans" would be a better description! I used a burgundy colored Glide thread.
Anyway, it's finished and dropped off at the local QOV headquarters!
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Stars

Hopefully I will get this top loaded on the frame today and maybe even start on the machine quilting.

This will be a model at Colorz.
The focus fabric is really beautiful--you know I love me some birds!
The second "half" star for Stars in the Garden is complete..... 

.....and  some components for the full stars are basted and stitched.

I also put together some "kits" for the last three full stars.
It seemed kind of inefficient to keep pulling out fabrics for each round.
When I came across some hexagon flowers that had been stashed away I decided to put them to use as star centers.
I'll be doing my hexagon basting while watching the finale of Arthur and George on PBS and maybe I will even get around to The Fall on DVD.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"What I'm Doing" Wednesday!

I'm feeling pretty smug this week. 
I finally got around to reserving my Windows 10 update (free for Windows 8 users depending on the device), found new Anti Virus to replace my expiring (and way to pricey to renew) Norton 360, chose a Medicare supplement package within the grace period (whew!), and finished listening to Serial (that the rest of America listened to a year ago--yeah, I'm slow!).
I loved the Serial podcasts, because I enjoy programs like Dateline and 48 Hours. It was like having one of those shows coming along with me during my morning walk. I have to say that I am completely up in the air though--did he do it? I went back and forth so many times and I'm still not even sure if I think Adnan is guilty or not. I'm looking forward to the new podcasts that are said to start up again this fall--I hope they have found some new evidence!

So, today, I am giving myself a refresher course in using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool. I am scheduled to teach a class using the ruler this coming Saturday at Gruber's in Waite Park.
I've had so much fun sewing using this ruler.
I love Lemoyne Stars and this is one awesome tool--it makes sewing the stars so easy to construct with no Y seams!

Is this 3" star not the cutest ever???
I've also been playing with some of the other types of stars you can make with the ruler. This is the Banded Lemoyne Star--pretty cool! , You can give Gruber's a call to sign up--it should be a fun day!!
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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Once I decided on a quilting plan, I couldn't stop until I had my September UFO finished! 
I'll have better photos later, but I'm so happy to have the majority of the finishing process completed.
The plan for today is to get the binding made and attached so I can do hand stitching (Slow Sunday Stitching!) this evening.

I've basted enough hexagons for one of the full stars for Stars in the Garden

I laid them out face down on my ironing board and covered them with a square of freezer paper (shiny side down) and then pressed them to the paper. I think I will do this for the other four stars. It will make it easier to rearrange colors, if needed, before constructing the stars. It may make it easier for "take along sewing" too--we'll see! 
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