Sunday, November 24, 2019

November Goal Accomplished!

The first couple weeks of this month were mostly wasted spent getting over a head cold and also recovering from the double whammy of a flu shot/part two of the Shingrix vaccine. Luckily I had lots of hand stitching to keep my hands occupied. I finished stitching up all the blocks for Aunt Bea's Parlor. I think I will take these to retreat in January and sew up these embroideries into blocks.
This Buttermilk Basin block wasn't quite finished when it was set it aside, so I had to time to get it done as well. 
And this Buttermilk Basin block is finally finished too--yay!
In the previous block I used various matching colors of Valdani threads and on the above block I used only one neutral color thread. What do you think? I've never done it before, but I'm kind of liking the one thread color look.
The best part of all this sitting around stitching--my new electrically heated throw--why didn't I buy one a long time ago??? So cozy!

So finally last weekend I was feeling much better and got my November One Monthly Goal loaded on the HQ16.

Very simple quilting--it went pretty fast. 

The next day I loaded up the little wall hanging that was also part of my goal, and got that finished too.
Tuesday was the Breezy Point sewing get together.  I was able to get most of the binding done there--always fun to do some chatting while binding--lol! 

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  1. Lovely stitcheries...glad you are feeling better...;)))nhugs, Julierose

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Congratulations on these gorgeous finishes. Love the Buttermilk Basin blocks. My preference is the neutral colored thread. Just saying. ;^)

  3. That flu shot is a potent one this year. It made my sister sick for a week. I just had a really tender arm for about four days but that was annoying too. Sorry it hit you so hard. I kind of like the the one color embroidery on the Buttermilk Basin block. The other block is gorgeous in it's own way but the single color makes the 2nd block look a little primitive/country. The teapot embroideries are so sweet. I bet they were so soothing and satisfying to stitch.

  4. Sorry to read that you were not well for a while. But pleased you are now on the right side of it.
    Lovely to see your pumpkin pieces finished. Perfect timing.
    Well done with the wool piece, too. I think I like both wool pieces but I do agree the one colour stitching looks great.

  5. Oh, you've done so well with your stitching despite being under the weather. All gorgeous. The same colour thread outlining seems to add a little zip to the overall look. Your pumpkins are gorgeous too. Sigh, I love them all, Karen. Take care of yourself.

  6. Glad you are feeling better after a bad start to the month Karen! Your projects all look fabulous! I like the one thread block that you stitched too! Have a good week! Christine xx

  7. Think you have some spam on the above LENGTHY statement!

    Your projects are absolutely beautiful -and your hand embroidery is beautiful and perfect!

    Hoping you get over all the 'ills' no fun to be sick!

  8. Bummer about getting socked with the flu, etc. But you did keep your hands busy. I do like the wool stitching with the one neutral color. Love what you did with all those fun pumpkins you made earlier. Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Love that little embroidered basket of flowers.
    I usually match my thread to the wool when I do wool applique, too, but I am really liking the look of the one color of thread.
    Nice job getting those pumpkin pieces completed just in time to get some use out of them this year. :)

  10. Oh the flu is not fun ! I'm glad you're OK now !
    Your Projects are beautiful Karen !! Love the Fall colors in your blocks and quilt !

  11. Sorry you were under the weather. But, you have some nice stitching to show for it, ha ha. I love the folky applique with the one color blanket stitch.

  12. Even with all the things slowing you down, you got a lot done. I drool over Buttermilk Basin designs but have not been finding time to work on wool projects. You did a lot on fall projects. I enjoyed the view.

  13. I really love those sweet embroidered blocks. I like both of the ways you finished the BMB blocks. In my opinion, the one color approach is a little more prim looking. Nice NovemberOMGfinishes. HappyThanksgiving!

  14. Congrats on the finishes!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the Aunt Bea blocks!

  15. Love the pumpkins! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!