Monday, September 23, 2019


I guess I missed my mid-month update, but better late than never! 
Another grouping of Cheddarback has been completed. 

This block looks black, but is actually very dark blue.

I made two basket blocks--I wasn't happy with what I had "growing" out of the first one--lol!

I went ahead and made the second set of initials that will be used later in the quilt top. I wanted them all to match and was afraid I would forget and use up these fabrics. Some of the other quilters are using dates or words, but I decided since we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last month, that I would use my initials and hubby's on this project to commemorate the event.

What a good feeling to quilt my way to the last row on my Stonefield's quilt. 

I decided to finish up the border first--easier since I had to do the sides as well.
 Stonefield's is now complete--I got a lot of the binding finished at a sewing group meeting on Tuesday and now just need to get a label sewn onto the back.

The final block of Hospital Sketches will be coming out on Wednesday, so I have been thinking about how I will finish this project. I've been playing around with a dark border--not sure where I will go with this yet. 

I've also been thinking about what I will work on at the two retreats I'm attending next month. I've had Panama Pyramids on the back burner for a while, so made a test block. My alternate fabric will be this blue, for sure.

But I'm leaning toward having only light backgrounds--at least for now.

That's about it--my biggest accomplishment this month was finally motivating myself to get the  windows washed inside and out--what a relief to have that chore done!  


  1. I love the matching borders you have put around your initials. What a great idea to put your husband's in too. The Hospital Sketches blocks and border are so beautiful.

  2. Boy I'm sure liking that lower Panama Pyramids block. Love the colors!
    Your Cheddarback and hospital sketches are lovely as well. The red basket with the blue flowers is brilliant!

  3. Those initials look good--great idea to commemorate that milestone anniversary with this quilt.
    Congrats on completing the Stonefields quilt. It is a beauty.
    I am really liking the light backgrounds on the pyramids, too!

  4. I am so impressed with everything you've got going on, Karen. I can only hope that my M looks as good as yours. Your Stonefields is so beautiful -- it looks so peaceful. And I love the bright cheerfulness of your Panama Pyramids. Those blocks would intimidate me but yours look perfectly pieced.

  5. Your projects always blow me away Karen, they are always all so beautiful! I love that you are piecing your initials into your Cheddarback quilt. Your 50th Wedding Anniversary is definitely worthy of a celebration! Christine xx

  6. Beautiful quilts! I especially like that blue and white applique one! :-)
    Window cleaning will be my project for this weekend....then I have a week off to enjoy in the sewing room!

  7. Stonefield is gorgeous. Actually, I always love what you're working on, from Ceddarback Hospital Sketches, and now the Panama Pyramid, which has been on my back burner for a while too. I like the light background. Rah, rah for getting the windows done too.

  8. Your sewing is always so inspirational, just love your fabric choices and colours! I think the dark border on Hospital Sketches will look senational.

  9. Great border idea for your Hospital Sketches quilt! I definitely want some applique on my border, but haven't decided on anything yet.

  10. Each of your quilts has such a unique look and they are all gorgeous! Congratulations on 50 years - that's awesome!