Sunday, August 25, 2019

One Monthly Goal Update

Wishing Rings was my August One Monthly Goal.
All of the instructions to make this quilt are free at the Temecula Quilt Company blog HERE.
Sewing all these little blocks together seemed endless, but I finally managed it  persevered! 

For the first time, I did straight line quilting.
I should have counted my steps as I walked back and forth in front of my machine--lol! I didn't strive for exact spacing--the stitched rows are random and mostly done to avoid seams. 

This is truly a scrappy project all the way through.
 The blocks were completely made from scraps and so was the backing.
These backing fabrics were cut-offs from other quilt backs. 

The binding was already made--for another project.
 Apparently I made binding twice for my Arctic Circles quilt--doh!!

There wasn't quite enough of the pre-made binding, so I had to raid my little box of binding scraps to finish it off--nothing wrong with a little "making do", right? This entire quilt ended up being made from leftovers in one way or another. Even the batting is pieced together from leftover pieces. Thank goodness for Heat Press batting tape! 
It's such a good feeling to use up and make-do.

Willow and Stella wanted to help out with the photos, but were observers instead.

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  1. This is such a lovely quilt--my hubby has been hinting that the lap quilt I made him 20(!!) yrs ago is getting worn out...I am thinking as he likes traditional quilts that this might be a good pattern...hmmm
    beautiful work on this hugs, Julierose

  2. This looks fabulous! That straight line quilting idea is probably something I should try. It looks great.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! All those little blocks and you quilted it, too! Woohoo!

  4. Love how all those fabrics came together. It was a fun? project. It actually was a good way to use up some odd pieces. Just got mine done too. Putting together batting pieces is another great way of using all those odd pieces. Your quilt is fabulous.

  5. Congrats on this finish. I love every single thing about it!! It was well worth your perseverance.

  6. I'm happy dancing with you! What a great quilt!

    My OMG project is still on my design wall. I think I was over ambitious, but hope to work on it some today.

  7. Your Wishing Rings quilt is awesome! I really love that you made it all from scraps, including the backing and binding. It really seems like a "free" quilt that way. (except for the labor!) Congrats on a great finish!

  8. It's a lovely quilt! Congratulations on the fine finish.

  9. The absolute best kind of quilt--patched and pieced from scraps. I LOVE it!

  10. I love your quilt. The quilting is great.

  11. Wow, that turned out great! Kinda sad I didn't sew along with that one...

  12. That looks awesome! Thanks for linking with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  13. congrats on the finish. It is a great block and I'm happy to see that Temecula offered it for free - since it is in the public domain and traditional and found in antique quilts. I love your scrappy version its so fun ! well done

  14. That is a great finish. I love scrappy bindings. :-)

  15. Great finish. How wonderful that it was all made from scraps. Love the finished look with the quilting, too.