Monday, July 1, 2019

July Goals

I'm not going to have any lofty goal this month--too much yard work hanging over my head!
I really want to get my Stonefield's blocks sewn together,though. 
I am planning to change up the borders a bit, but for July, I would be very pleased with myself it I could get the blocks made into a top--that's my One Monthly Goal.

In the meantime, my tote of small wool projects seems to be bottomless.....
Here are some closeups of the Primitive Gatherings designs:

If you are familiar with these Primitive Gatherings designs, you probably noticed that I have changed some details (or words). 
These two pincushions are from Cottonwood Creations.
Again, a few minor changes.

The Echinacea flower pin-keep is from the above book by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms.
I have a couple more earmarked--like the sunflower on the cover-- that I would like to make.
(Maybe I have enough already though?)

I love this little mat from Buttermilk Basin--so fun to make.
I have two more Buttermilk Basin Autumn projects that are set up but still need stitching...

This stitchery was designed to be displayed on a wire table top frame.
I'm thinking of adding some embellishing stitches to this one and the next one...

This one has so many layers that I couldn't get some of the wool to fuse together, hence the pins. I recycled the background from a Primitive Gatherings kit that I decided I no longer wanted to make. It's a bit light, so I may be doing a little tea dying later.

I guess all of this should keep me busy in July!
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  1. I have a friend that says "quilting is a winter sport" because of gardens, and reunions, and travel in the summer. I think your goal to get all those lovely blocks together is very doable and will be fun. Nice wool applique! I agree about embellishing those two pieces, it will enhance the already great design.

  2. You may have adjusted your schedule, but you're still have lots of fun things to work on. Enjoy July

  3. Love your wool projects! The cardinal pin cushion is adorable!

  4. My goodness, you have lots of wonderful projects ready to stitch...good for you. The prep work is always what holds me back on my wool appliqué projects, and you have really busted that part. Now onto the fun part. Can’t wait to see your Stonefields blocks put together. Stay cool in the yard!

  5. Blocks into a quilt top is a great goal. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  6. My goodness, so much wool work--and it is all so well done. I tried to choose a favorite, but just kept going back and forth. So much to love here.

  7. You do such gorgeous work, Karen! I love the background fabric on your Stonefields blocks and I really like the block on the top -- simple yet delightful. The little wool basket with the red flowers and the blue bird is such fun. Love it!

  8. Beautiful wool projects! I think I like that echinacea pinkeep the best! So cute on top of a spool!

  9. Like your blocks! I too am wanting to finish Stonefields - I have some applique left to do on Section 6 and then on to Section 7. I like doing the quilt in Sections! Good luck on your July goals!