Monday, March 11, 2019

On a Roll!

My goal quilt for March is quilted and the binding is almost finished---and it's not even the half way mark for the end of the month--what a good feeling. 
Well, I sort of feel like I should finish another UFO, but instead I've been working on some new stuff. 
I finished block 2 of Hospital Sketches. It's kind of a simple block so for fun I split the plume and used two fabrics (and it made it much easier to applique!).

Last week's and this week's batch of One Block Wednesday blocks. 

I've seen these blocks called circles or donuts by others online, and thought I should look up the block to see what it's actual name is in the  Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

Block #2626: The Wishing Ring (KC Star).
In the encyclopedia, the block is constructed with elongated hexagons (as were the blocks in Sheryl's inspiration quilt for the sew along). Hooray for Flippy Corners--much as I hate trimming them up! 

Twelve more Stonefield's blocks.
I think these are so fun to work on because there is such a quirky mix of blocks.

This is my pile of leftover fabrics from the first three sets of blocks--no worries if I cut something wrong! 

 The kit from Homestead Hearth is pretty awesome. There is a color photo of each block from the original quilt, notes from the designer, and the fabrics are labeled in small bundles for each block. It's been very easy to follow. I don't usually purchase kits, but I think I have mentioned that I bought this one from someone de-stashing at a price I couldn't refuse--lol!
I'm going to start on the next set of 12 right after a little dog walkie! 


  1. Your Virginia Coxcomb block looks great! I'm still going to do my plume in one fabric, but after reading your tip, I may just snip the fronds apart to make it easier to prep!

  2. You have been working flat out to get all of that finished. They are looking great.
    Can you tell me why the first block is called hospital sketches?

  3. You have so many beautiful projects going. I can't wait to see your finished March UFO. Hugs

  4. On a roll is right! Wow! I love everything you are working on. Hope some of that momentum rubs off on me!

  5. You been pep stepping through March. The vintage applique block is gorgeous and the simple whimsie of the Stonefield blocks give you lots of variety. I like the idea of calling those blocks the Wishing Ring. I can see that not all 4 corners of your block are the same. That makes me feel better!

  6. I love that you're enjoying the Stonefields kit �� You're doing an amazing job!!

  7. You're very busy and I love to see your projects ! Love love love your blocks Karen !

  8. so many great projects going over here. Your hospital sketch blocks is great and I really like your pieced background. Are you doing all blue?
    the wishing ring is a cute block and would be great for a medallion quilt.

  9. You certainly have some beautiful projects in progress! Luvin' the fabrics in all of them! That flippy corner thing is a favorite of mine too....and certainly is used quite a lot these days! Happy stitching!

  10. I have been quite taken with blue green fabrics for a good while now. I lie your combo of fabrics for the Hospital Sketches block using some of them. I added to my stash of them just today.