Thursday, April 26, 2018

Yikes! It's been a while!

I admit it--I'm not a very reliable blogger. 
In my defense, I have a new family member that has been keeping me very busy! She's approximately 6 months old and quite a rascal--it's like having a toddler in the house! 

I did find time to finish my One Monthly Goal.
The gals at the Breezy Point sew-in kindly held up the quilt I had brought along to bind so I could get a good photo. This was from the Foothills SAL and I added two extra rows to make it bed size. 

I also was gone a few days for my first retreat of the month.
Clar Rene's son digitized our logo and turned into an embroidered motif---pretty cool, huh?

And here are a few gals sporting the iron-on logo along with Clar Rene showing her embroidered bag.
The first thing I worked on at camp were a new batch of 4"x5" blocks. I had cut these out ahead of time so they went together pretty fast. I'm up to 87 blocks now and plan to make all 182. 

I wasn't too keen on this block, but now I think it's my favorite of the bunch. 

This was my second project.
I had made the Little Boys Britches blocks at a previous retreat and was determined to get them put together at this one. 

And this tree for Edyta Sitar's Patches of Blue SAL was my third goal. 

These are all the monthly parts so far.
I scored a lot of Edyta's blue fabrics while on retreat--a couple from the sale room at Gruber's Quilt Shop, several more at the Fabric Warehouse that's closing in Willmar, and even won a couple of her batiks during the "Fat Quarter Dice Game" we played one night. I think I should be set for the rest of the SAL now--lol! 
This is Foothills on my bed at Camp.
 I took it along for Show and Tell so I wouldn't have to dance the Hokey Pokey. 

I can't resist showing another photo of little Willow. She weighed 11 pounds the last time she was at the vet--pretty small.
She is a rescue pup--possibly a Westie/Chihuahua mix according to her vet. 
Okay--one more!
Sorry!!! I can't stop taking her picture! 

I have another retreat planned for Monday. Luckily I could leave most of my things in the car and just pack clean clothes and a couple new projects to work on. 
See you next month! 
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  1. Oh my gosh Willow is adorable. I sure hope you enter her in the annual Pets on Quilts Show hosted by Lily Pad Quilting every summer. While all pets are welcome, it is always fun and inspirational to meet pets that came from shelters and found a furrever loving home with a quilter!

  2. Great quilt. I like your britches blocks, too. Willow is cute! I can see why you've been distracted.

  3. Edyta has been using a lot of blue in her quilts and I know you love blue. I like the blocks you have made thus far for the quilt.

    I find the fabrics used in the block with the darker blue rectangle center oh so interesting. I can see why you like it as I do too.

  4. Your little Willow is adorable. She looks to have a bit of terrier in her (probably the Westie as your vet suggested.) Oh, those busy puppy days.

    You have some great quilts going and finished in this post. I have trouble deciding to participate in quilt-alongs, and then I see the blocks others have done and wish I'd joined in at the beginning. Your blocks for Edyta's SAL are beautiful.

  5. beautiful pattern and I like the colors and the make-do approach!

  6. Wonderful quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  7. What a cute little face to start off (and finish) the post!
    Your finish is wonderful! I love that quilt--looks great on your bed at camp!
    How fun to have those patches for your camp.
    Your little boy britches blocks really shine in that setting.
    I can't believe how much you accomplished! And you get to go to another retreat so soon? How lucky are you? :)

  8. All of your quilts and projects are just so pretty and inspiring! But I am in love with Willow!!!! I can see why you've been a bit distracted - she's really cutie pie (I would be distracted too :))) and her name is just perfect!!

  9. I really like your 4 x 5 and especially the one block that you showcased. I have some of the same fabric that you used in the center - very very nice! So tempted to purchase the Patches of Blue book/pattern. You really have selected some nice blue tones to make this quilt!

  10. It was great to get caught up with all the projects you've been working on. I'm glad you brought your Foothills to camp so you avoided doing the hokie pokie . It's lovely. Willow is adorable and I'm sure keeps you extra busy!

  11. Love your little fur baby. Keep those pictures coming. I can see why you haven’t had a chance to blog. You’ve been busy. Love every one of those quilts❣️

  12. You managed to get a lot done at your retreat. Lovely finish on the quilt and it looks great on the bed. What fun to have your own embroidered design for the group.
    Love seeing the britches blocks together.

  13. what a fun post. those patches are just terrific! what a neat idea.
    Your Foothills quilt is awesome! love it!
    nice blue blocks too - have fun on your next retreat!

  14. While your quilting is gorgeous Willow stole the show for me !! :) So darn sweet :)

  15. Just love your cute little addition to the family! Who could resist taking lots of photos! Love all the quilts too! Sorry I haven't visited in a while, moving house is a BIG undertaking and I am just about getting straight enough to get back to the blog world! Hugs Christine xx

  16. Oh this little pup is sooo sweet ! Give her a hug for me please ! Your Foothills quilt is wow. ..awesome ! Congratulations Karen !