Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Clue Five....

I finally added border 11 to my Mrs. Billings coverlet.
This border has been ready to attach since October. I'm not sure why it took so long--maybe my issues with border 12....

You may recall that I also almost finished border 12 but ran out of fabric pieces while I was at quilt camp. I assumed that I hadn't cut enough of these triangles , but while searching high and low for more fabric, I actually found a little note I had written to myself ( I know, shocker!). I had cut 96 (6 extra according to the pattern) but somehow was still 20 short to finish the borders. I don't know how many times I recounted and recalculated before finally realizing the pattern was incorrect! To finish Border 12 I needed 116 total of template M.
And I didn't have anymore of this fabric. 

Janet of Rogue Quilter to the rescue!
She very kindly offered me a piece from her stash--such a life saver!
The fabric was ever so slightly a bit darker, but once it was cut up and sewn into the border, I think it's undetectable to the human eye--lol!

So here is Mrs. Billing's with border 12 attached--only three more borders to go!
Thank you again Janet! 
This week the On Ringo Lake mystery includes flying geese, and I decided to use my favorite method using the Eleanor Burns rulers

If the geese are made according to Eleanor's instructions, both "wings" will be the same fabric. I wanted my geese to be scrappy like Bonnie's, so instead of  matching the same triangle pieces after step one, I mixed them up so I had different backgrounds sandwiched together. 

This is what you get after step 2 is trimmed up....

Four scrappy geese. 

I'm ready for the next clue!
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  1. Glad you worked out your Billings border dilemma, it can be so frustrating when there is a mistake in the pattern. That flying geese ruler looks really interesting.

  2. That's a lot of borders for one quilt. They look very good to me.

  3. Wow - how lucky to get that fabric!

    An interesting way to do flying geese. they look great.

  4. That's how I make my flying geese too. Eleanor Burns is a quilting genius!

  5. So glad the fabric worked out for you, Karen! The quilt is looking incredible!
    I don't think I have seen this method of making flying geese before. Looks pretty slick.

  6. Wow! Best looking geese ever! I just might have to get me one of those rulers...lol! So glad Janet could "save the day" with the finding that fabric! Enjoy!

  7. I love Eleanor Burns method - hum I may just work on that BH project now. I admire you with your Ms Billings. I love the colors. I gave up on both Robins Nest and Billings and sold the patterns and took the hit! Too many mistakes in RN and was not going to kill myself on Billings, so Hats Off to You as Quilter of the year!

  8. I can't wait to see Mrs. Billings when you have her completed. She's going to be just beautiful!!!

  9. Hip, hip, horray, for Janet and the great fabric rescue! Mrs. Billings gets more gorgeous as each border is added. She has been on my list for a long time, but I don't even know where to begin. Great technique for getting those scrappy flying geese.

  10. Great looking geese; will do more looking into Eleanor Burns method as mine always appear to be lopsided.

  11. Well done getting the borders on. It is very frustrating when the pattern is wrong but I am so pleased the extra fabric helped you get the job done.
    Looking great!

  12. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !


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