Thursday, February 2, 2017


I kind of lost my mojo in January--all my own fault. Things started off great...I was overjoyed to finish all the blocks for my Christmas (Celtic) Solstice quilt at quilt camp and almost got all the rows constructed too. When I returned home, I put on the last two rows and double checked my pattern for the border instructions just to see how many parts I needed to sew for each side. 
In the words of Mr. Bill:
 Oh Noooooooo....!
I did a lot of color substitutions from the original pattern. Where Bonnie used orange, I chose to use tan. This is how most of the star blocks look in my quilt. Those tan background star points (Peaky and Spike blocks aka Tri-Rec) were supposed to only be used in the borders, not in the blocks (obviously orange would not look good here!)--ack! 

This is how all the blocks should look--using only the Peaky and Spike blocks with the white backgrounds. Before I realized my mistake, I was perfectly happy with my quilt--it looked fine. Once I realized what I had done, I was willing to live with it and told myself probably no one else would ever know the difference. You can probably guess where this is going....
Yes, after a day or so, those errant blocks began to taunt me and I
 just couldn't stand looking at them any longer! I've spent the last two weeks reverse sewing the tan blocks and replacing them with the correct white ones (which I had already sewn into border strips, BTW... double ack!).
I'm about half way done--only 50 or so more to go. This has been very tedious, to say the least, but I know it would bother me forever if I didn't fix it.
Yeah, I'm nuts!!

I do vaguely remember some Peaky and Spike blocks along with some other fabrics in a baggie labeled Borders, and wondered why they were in there--duh!
Lesson learned: write yourself profuse notes (and reread the pattern) if you set a project aside for a while (years)!!
Christmas Solstice is going to be my February One Monthly Goal to complete, so hopefully I will persevere!

To get a little relief (and do some forward sewing), I am making log cabin blocks using leftover fabrics from my 365 Challenge Blocks
I was inspired to get started on this project by the Béa et Cécile Quilt-a-Long on Facebook HERE. We do two blocks a week--I think I can handle that! These blocks are going to be used in an Idaho Square Dance top--the cover quilt on Bonnie Hunter's latest book. It's been a relaxing respite--no half square triangle to square up, no flying geese, and no Peaky and Spike blocks! As long as my quarter inch seam is accurate, this one should be a breeze. Hopefully, I won't end up packing this away so that in a few years I dig it out and mess it up like Christmas Solstice--haha! 

This is block four of Primitive Garden.
I belong to a Facebook group that has been making one block a month and the shovel was our January block. It's been a fun Sew Along since the pattern designer, Lisa Bongean, has been watching over us and doing some give-aways. I've won some needles and a wool bundle--an extra incentive to stay on top of this project!

Back to my reverse sewing project--boo!
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  1. I think it looks good either way but like you said it would always bother you. I can't believe how much "unsewing" I've done when I said initially the mistake was fine - I could live with it. Well, it niggled me and niggled me until I had to make it right. It's a lovely quilt block BTW.

  2. I totally understand why you did pulled out all that hard work. I find that if I know there is a mistake, I can't see anything except that mistake. Good luck with this month's goals.

  3. I agree, both look good, however you have to be able to live with it, the second block is stunning. Best of luck with your February goal.

  4. Ack is right but way to perservere. it will be lovely when finished.

  5. Well done on reverse sewing rather than just leaving it to the UFO pile forever.

  6. I am impressed with your drive to make it right.
    Love the blue/white log cabins. Will all the blocks be in the two color scheme, or have you decided yet? : )
    The Primitive Garden block is wonderful!

  7. Oh I can empathise, I usually feel exactly the same and have to fix something I'm not happy with even if no one else would notice. The primitive garden quilt looks gorgeous I'm going to enjoy following you on that one.

  8. A girl has to do what a girl's gotta do...but what a pain. It is going to be a great quilt when done. Love those log cabins!!

  9. You choose a beautiful pattern for your log cabin blocks, I'm a Bonnie Hunter's fan.

  10. The Christmas Solstice blocks are pretty. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  11. Ahhh we know Bonnie Hunter in France too and that's a very good choice for your blocks !Thank you again for joining us in this QAL and have fun !
    I love your Primitive block....terrific !

  12. Your Primitive applique' block is beautiful!
    Love those blue log cabin blocks too.

    Sorry to hear you had so much seam ripping in those star blocks.
    Totally understand your angst to re-do them. They look fabulous and so will the finished quilt.

  13. Reverse sewing is no fun! I fun! But, of course, you know that. You are doing the right thing but I say that only because it bothered you so much. I never would have known your blocks were wrong.

  14. I love Idaho Square Dance -- that will be a great one to watch. And I agree about the notes! Good luck with your OMG. :D

  15. Oh my!! Sorry you had to rip so much!! I always think of so many things while I redo my stitching. Just quiet thoughts about life & family. I have finally realized that I have to do things " correctly" in my mind. Lol. It is hard to be me!!

  16. oh my :( So sorry...

    Mr. Bill...I'd almost forgotten about Mr. Bill!!

  17. Ooooo, too bad about the ripping, but at least you are doing to now and not waiting when it would have been even harder to undo. You'll have your MOJO back when you're back on track.

  18. definitely double ack. hmm... a toughie... you've got to live with it or frog stitch (rippit).... i think they look smashing.. and awesome on the win of a wool bundle! ooohhhhh

    Lorraine xo

  19. The blocks do look lovely but I also understand that if it is going to bother you, it may as well come out. A lot of work though! The colours do look good.
    The log cabin blocks are very effective with that colour combination.
    And the wool block is a delight. I have been watching a few of these being posted.

  20. Oh noooooo is right!! I do understand having to redo it...which is better than abandoning it.

  21. There's always those little setbacks but you can't ignore things that will annoy you. I love the colours of your log cabins, they look like a moon glowing in a midnight sky.

  22. I'm feeling your pain on ripping out a large finished top. In my case, the sashing on Grand Illusion is too distracting because of my fabric choices. I was going to quilt it up this month, but it's been sent to time-out for now. I fear it may all come apart. (Sigh)