Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Free Day!

I hardly knew what to do with myself this morning when the 365 Challenge email came through. For the autumn/spring equinox earlier in the year, we had a choice of blocks depending on what hemisphere we resided in. The miracle isn't that I made both blocks months ago, but that I actually found the autumn block I had made way back! 

Well, not knowing what to do didn't last too long--I was two weeks behind on the Temecula Circa 2016 blocks. They were very easy though and made up pretty quickly, so I decided to get a walk in before it rains. 
Even though it was a little misty on Saturday, the Willow Wood Market Outdoor Quilt Show went ahead. It was so fun to see quilts hung from the trees beside and behind the shop. It was a winding path, with quilts around every bend. A maze of amazing quilts--so fun! 

My favorites were these three scrappy quilts all made by the same quilter.
A fun little spinner....

this wheel quilt was especially awesome! 

The postage stamp quilt was my very favorite--what is it about tiny squares?
(That ice cream cone border across the top is from the quilt behind this one).
The maker's daughter is also putting together a postage stamp quilt and using leftovers from this  one--that will make it even more special!
I am sooo close to the finish on mySummer Crazy Table Mat --I'm very excited to get it finished!
The crazy stitches have been a bit of a learning curve, but very fun.
I got a jolt of stitching inspiration today from the Allie Aller Crazy for Crazy Quilts segment on the Quilt Show. If you use the LINK at Allie's  blog, you can watch it for the next few days for free! Her segment is about 40 minutes long, so grab your favorite beverage, sit back in a comfy chair, and enjoy! 


  1. The outdoor quilt display looks wonderful. Great way to see the quilts.
    Lovely progress on the blocks and the crazy table mat looks fantastic.

  2. What a delightful setting for an outdoor quilt show. The wheel quilt looks extremely challenging. Glad you amazed yourself and found your fall block and had a chance to do some catch up. I'd watched Allie Aller's show and loved her idea of combining machine stitches and some hand work along with the beads. A great combo of techniques. Love the colors in your summer table mat.

  3. I especially love your crazy wool table mat. It is so charming and your "crazy" stitching is perfect. I hope you share it again when it is all complete.

  4. Must be a good feeling to be all caught up. I don't often experience that. : )
    Love the looks of that quilt show, and it looks like there were some incredible quilts!
    Your Summer Crazy mat looks wonderful. Great job!
    I do so little embroidery that I pretty well have to relearn the stitches each time. : )

  5. Beautiful photographs of the quilts at the show.... I love the wheel one! Love your little wool crazy mat too! Just beautiful! Christine x

  6. From what I see of your wool summer mat, it looks like a lot of work!