Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Finish!

I got my Summer Crazy Tablemat finished while it still looks a little like summer in my garden (if you ignore the falling leaves and that acorn)!
This was another project on my Finish-A-Long list.

I'm loving how the Buttermilk Basin Let It Snow mystery is coming along, and I can hardly wait to see what will go in that empty space next month!
I was sooo relieved that the W fit on the last scrap of the blue check I've been using for the word SNOW--whew! 

Yesterday I had a super fun day with friends at Quilted Treasures--a lecture/trunk show with Edyta Sitar. She was so warm and delightful aaand......she will be publishing a blue and white quilt book later this year--yeehaw!! 

She will also have a book of small quilts coming out soon.
Wouldn't it be a fun to make them all as a group??
All of the quilts she brought were wonderful. She also had a few antique quilts along from her collection that she has used as inspiration for some of her designs--very fun to see those! 
One of my favorites from the show was this Hawaiian Delight Pineapple Quilt.

This Stars Upon Stars was amazing!!
I wonder how it would look with a blue chain in place of the pink--hmmmm?

Slow and Steady is from Edyta's  Handful of Scraps book--such a fun version of a Snail's Trail--I may have dig out my book and think about making one of these!
I'll be spending the rest of this week getting ready for Quilt Camp on Saturday--can't wait!!
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  1. Love your Summer Crazy Tablemat!
    Let is Snow is looking AWESOME. Congratulations on keeping up with this adorable project.

  2. I love your summer table mat. Is that a primitive gatherings pattern? Looks like you used wool. Very charming as is the let is snow quilt. The colors and fabrics you choose are a perfect fit.

  3. Your tablemat turned out beautifully! I would love to take a class with Edyta - I bought that Stars upon stars pattern but I haven't taken the plunge to start it yet... I would have loved to see hers! Well, and the antique one that inspired it in the museum too :0)

  4. So much eye candy! I especially love the Snail's Trail you shared - I'll have to look and see if I have that book - yummy!

  5. I really like the "Let It Snow" in blue--what a relief to squeak under the wire with just enough!
    How wonderful to have a presentation from Edyta Sitar!
    Small quilts in a book? Oh, I am in trouble now. : )
    The pineapple quilt is incredible, and I love that fun Snail's Trail variation, too.

  6. Your wool crazy mat is a beauty for sure . And I just love Let it snow. Makes me wish I had done it.

  7. Love, love, love your crazy quilt mat... it is beautiful. The 'Let it Snow' quilt is looking gorgeous too. Lucky you to get to meet Edtya Sitar... her quilts are just glorious! Christine x

  8. You've had a fantastic week. Getting to hear and see Edtya and her quilts would be an incredible experience. You've probably got the creative juices flowing full time.

  9. Love your version of "Let It Snow". I haven't had time to start it yet but have printed out all the patterns. After seeing yours, I am really anxious to start. What a treat getting to meet Edyta Sitar. She is so incredibly talented.

  10. Congratulations on your finish. I love all the little details in the mat. That would have been an amazing trunk show to see!!!

  11. I find Edyta Sitar so interesting. I signed up for one of her Craftsy classes and have watched it all but not sewn anything. She just has a way of making you think that anyone can do it if she can do it.

  12. Holy crow, Edyta's quilts are amazing! There are a couple I haven't seen there. Lucky you!

    Your summer mat is beautiful, too, Karen. Such a pretty design, and it looks like you did a great job!

  13. WOW....you've been busy. I love your crazy mat. It just oozes summer. Your stitching is wonderful. And I love your version of Let it snow. You have inspired me to work on my "W" block too.

  14. Beautiful finish on your table mat. It looks stunning.
    And your Let It Snow blocks are wonderful. Gorgeous in the blues.

  15. summer mat Your Summer mat is lovely! I was sweating it out with my W block also but found a second piece for it and the O. Yours is so pretty on the darker blue background. You've been busy!

  16. Your table mat is beautiful, congratulations meeting your goal! And Thank you for sharing all the extra inspiration too! I am excited to see Edyta's blue and White book!

  17. Your table mat it lovely and a great finish! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.