Friday, April 29, 2016

April UFO finish!

I've been a bit under the weather since I got back from quilt camp. An insect bite I had before I left went terribly wrong. You know it's bad when nurses are shocked! Anyway, I finally went to Urgent Care, got a couple medications, and now, all is right with the world (or in this case, my leg!). 
One of the medications is an anti-itch, so I have been in slo-mo mode all week. It took me three days, but I am finally caught up with the 365 Challenge blocks for last week. The three inch one in the dark row marked with the yellow butterfly pin was our last small block for a while. I was pretty excited to move on to the six inch blocks until I saw the first one consisted of four three inch star blocks--yeesh! The six inch block on the lower right--yep--square in a square--nine of them! I went to my EQ7 program and printed out paper foundations to save my sanity. 

Before I left for Quilt Camp, I got my dark borders sewn onto the medallion. If I get tired of being challenged, at least I will have a nice table topper!

Since I'm feeling so sleepy, I wouldn't be posting, but it's almost the end of the month and I haven't shown my finish! My Memory Bouquet aka Vintage Memories (my name for my quilt), has been quilted and bound for at least a week.

I didn't get the label sewn on until this morning--now this quilt is finished!

I didn't do any quilting in the red fabric--I didn't think it was needed (and I'm a really lazy quilter!). Fortunately, even after all these years, I was able to locate the binding I had made from the same red fabric I used in the rest of the quilt--that was a relief!
You can see the trees haven't leafed out yet--hopefully soon we'll be seeing green!
A little bit about the quilt:
The Memory Bouquet blocks were published in 1930 by The Kansas City Star newspaper. The designs were drawn by Eveline Foland and meant to be appliqued. This was a Stitch Therapy group project at Colorz several years ago and several people did do
 applique versions. We used the book Star Quilts II that contains all twenty blocks, but some stitchers also used Deb Kratovil's designs that I see are now available on Craftsy HERE. My version is a mix of embroidery and applique. I used a Crabapple Hill fabric from Lucien as my embroidery background. The red fabric is a repro--I'm sorry, I don't recall the designer. My embroidery was done with two strands of a Cosmo #858. The dog tooth border around each embroidered block was appliqued--read about that HERE and also HERE.
Whew---I'm off to take a nap!
Vintage Memories is one of my 2Q Finish-A-Long projects and also my
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  1. I glad to hear "all is right with your leg"! Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Vintage Memories is just wonderful! Love the blues you are using in your 365 Challenge.

  2. A bug bite - yikes! I'm glad you're on the mend. Your. 365 blocks look fantastic! I LOVE your centre. What a beautiful finish!

  3. Those bug bites can be bad. Had to take my Dad to wound clinic for treatment every week for months for one that got really bad and wouldn't heal. Glad yours is on the mend!
    Love what you have so far on the 365 challenge. Really striking in appearance!
    Great job getting your finish--right down to the saved binding and the label. : )

  4. I don't see any lazy looks gorgeous! Lovely work!

  5. It was lovely to see your vintage memories on display. It's a beautiful finish. The center of 365 is also beautiful. You're right, if you don't get any further you'll have a intricate tabletopper. I hope you continue to feel better. All from a bug bite, gosh.

  6. Wow, your projects look amazing! The red & white quilt is lovely, I am so impressed that you appliqued all the sawtooth points! Hope you are truly on the mend!

  7. Your Memory Boquet turned out gorgeous!
    And your 365 is looking stunning. Smart girl to print out those paper patterns for these tiny blocks.

  8. I am assuming your insect bite became infected. Ouch!
    You know how much I love your Memory Bouquet quilt. I didn't realize that others in your area were also making the quilt. Do you have any pictures of what others did?

  9. what a wonderful quilt to be treasured and pretty blocks.

  10. Great to see your quilt finished. So much lovely work definitely deserves a finish.
    You have certainly taken on some challenges with those blue quilts.
    I do hope you are feeling much better!

  11. Congratulations on the April finish! Glad that bug bite is getting better. Sounds scary.

  12. Glad to hear you are on the mend from your bug bite, those can get pretty nasty! Love your finished quilt, it's beautiful. I've been considering doing a quilt with embroidery, they hold a certain charm that can't be made any other way I feel like. :)

  13. Sorry to hear about the bite gone wrong and hope you are completely recovered. You have a beautiful quilt and I love that the red really pops out. Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!