Sunday, January 10, 2016

Way Off Track...

Somehow I have let myself get off track (again!) and haven't touched my January UFO yet. 
Well, I did do a little practicing on my white board, but you can see I need to do a lot more practicing!
Mr. Moosebay doesn't think these look anything like spider webs--maybe he's right??!!

Another thing that side-tracked me was using up my microwavable batting. I wanted to make a few microwavable  bowls as gifts, and while I was at it, I finally made myself a potato bag. Years ago, I had planned to make a bunch of these to sell at our guild quilt show--never happened. And never will. Now I have a couple yards of potato fabric to add to my "to be sold" pile.

In the bag with the batting, was a pattern for a tortilla warmer and I had just enough batting left over to make myself one of those too.
I haven't tried it out yet--hope it works! 

The first week of blocks for the 365 Challenge.
One week down--51 to go!!

I'm still working on embellishing my How Does Your Garden Grow leaves--then I will force myself to do the sunflower seeds--I've been avoiding them!
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  1. You certainly have been busy. Let us know how the tortilla warmer works and where we can find the pattern.

  2. LOL! I think we all do that sometimes...just not enough hours ina day to do everything we want to do huh!! I'm still in love with your garden....

  3. I think it get harder and harder to get things done. It can't be that I am getting older and older. Have fun stitching today

  4. Thanks for all the links I didnt know you could get microwave wadding and I have seen those bowls, but never had a pattern, so greatly appreciate it! Love your little blue blocks. I was so tempted, but know I will never keep up, so going to enjoy watching your progress instead.

  5. I resisted the 365 Challenge even tho' I really like it. Good luck on those sunflower seeds...they are healthy, you know!

  6. Somewhere along the line, I read that the potato bags were dangerous to use in a microwave. Fire hazard. Thus I never made one. Have you heard that?

  7. I think designs always look better stitched on the quilt than they did on the white board. Have you searched the web for a spiderweb design that hubby might okay? : )
    That potato fabric is a hoot.
    Oh, you are one of the brave ones tackling that 365 challenge. Kudos to you! Looks great so far!

  8. I had never heard of microwavable batting... sounds interesting! Hope the tortilla warmer works! Good luck with your quilting... the design looks very interesting and I like it! Christine x

  9. I have done the bowls, potato bags, but not the tortilla warmer...where is the pattern? To cute.

  10. DUhhhhhh all I have to do is click on the link....thanks!

  11. Great work with the start to the 365 blocks - and I gather these are the easy ones. Good luck!

  12. I have been saving the 365 blocks but haven't started them...yet. :) Your blocks look great. Hopefully, you will persevere and get your sunflower seeds completed.