Saturday, January 16, 2016

Finish-A-Long 2016

2016 FAL
I haven't joined the Finish-A-Long before, but maybe it will encourage me to finish some of my older projects--we'll see! 
The idea is to choose projects that you want to finish in the first quarter of 2016--three months of sewing fun!!

The finishing instructions for the Buttermilk Basin 2015 BOM were posted on Friday. I do like the long banner Stacy created, so I will probably follow her instructions faithfully! 

My second group of Green Lake Retreat swap blocks are waiting for me to come up with a setting idea--I would like to get these made up and out of the way soon! 

I had completely forgotten about my little boats! I finished these at a retreat in October, and just found them when I started packing for the retreat at the end of this month. I have to get this one finished ASAP!

These leftover blocks from my Paper Dolls quilt were going to be made into a wall hanging and donated to our guild small quilt auction last summer. Surprise! It never happened. It's time to get these gals off the design wall! 

It's way past time to get my little cake stand quilt finished and framed.
I have the perfect spot for it and I'm excited to get it done! 

It wouldn't take much to finish up this small flag quilt, but here it hangs, unfinished, month after month--gotta get this one done soon. 

Ryokan has been pressed and hung on the design wall  waiting patiently to be quilted--since last June, I think.
 I really want to get this one finished--it's been years since I made the top. 

You can't tell from this photo, but these are such pretty blocks. Memory Bouquet was one of our first Stitch Therapy projects and this is the year to finally make it a quilt. 

And lastly, since it's already on the quilting machine--the ThimbleCreek Halloween mystery just has to be finished!!
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  1. You've got some wondeful projects to work on. I always try and figure out why I leave a project and don't get back to it. There seems to be a variety of reasons, but generally, there's just to many awesome ideas that pull me one way and then another. Most of your UFO's seem close to being finished. Maybe just a few days on each?

  2. Lots of fabulous projects to finish Karen! I hope you get them all completed! Good luck! Christine x

  3. Wow! You've got a ton of fun lined up!
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. 8)

  4. Yes...there are all going to be great finishes. Looking forward to seeing them. Are you doing this years Basin BOM??

  5. Your Buttermilk Basin BOM 2015 blocks look great. I think the setting they showed is darling. I can't wait to see yours come together. I am still working on the blocks...

  6. Wow! Either you work really fast or you spend a lot of time on quilting to get all those projects done in such a short time. I love your paper dolls and your flags.
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  7. I thought Stacy's setting looked great but I realized I don't have a place to hang something that size, so I'm not sure what I'll do.
    You have so many great projects almost finished. Love the basket quilt and the boats. The little flag quilt is a favorite. Keep telling myself I am going to make it, too. : )

  8. Joining a Finish a Long would make more sense ( for me )than me starting so many new things LOL
    Being creatively butterfly brained means I have more started than completed : )
    Ryokan looks lovely and love the fabric mix in your Green Lake Retreat blocks

  9. What beautiful projects you have lined up for finishing. You are going to be a happy busy quilter. Hugs

  10. Beautiful projects: paper dolls--so cute; little sailboats (one I've always wanted to make as DH loves boats!!) they are all lovely.
    You should have some fun sewing ufo's don't look 1/2 as good as yours maybe it's just that someone else's always look more interesting?? No motivation here....hugs, Julierose

  11. I enjoyed re-visiting your quilts in waiting projects!