Sunday, September 28, 2014

September UFO: done and done!

Yikes-how can it be the end of September already??
I almost forgot that I hadn't finished a UFO for this month. 
I had planned on getting one of my UFO tops quilted up at the beginning of the month, but that never happened (no surprise there!).  
Halloween Cat
I made this little wool mat several years ago.
In the pattern, there is also a Christmas cat and an Easter cat.


I don't remember cutting all this stuff out for the two mats that I never completed, but here it all is!
I kind of remember getting this out to work on once before, but it was such a mess, I shoved it all back in the plastic bag and put it back in my bin of "Fun Little Projects".
Yes, I have a bin labeled Fun Little Projects--haha!
You would think with a label like that, I would be encouraged to get them out and make them, but they all sort of look like this one--very disorganized!

This has been my nightly stitching the last few nights.
They stitched up pretty quickly once I got all the little pieces in the right places. 

 Christmas Cat

 Spring Cat
The pattern is from Debbie Lofgren of Little Stitches.
Cat Season: Simple Woolen Ornaments #416
I won't use mine as ornaments--I will set them out as little penny mats.

I'll be stitching on my Sunflower Gatherings border while watching Miss Marple tonight!


  1. Isn't if funny when we tuck projects away when they're more finished than not. Your penny mats turned out really cute and now there's one less fun project to finish from your bin!

  2. The cat pieces are so cute and creative.