Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Goal

I've been a complete failure in adhering to my vow not to take on any new sew along's this year. I couldn't pass up making some flower pot blocks from Annette Plog's book True Blue Quilts when she had a SAL on Instagram.
I made 20 Flower Pot blocks. My Plan A for setting the blocks was to use this older Jo Morton toile. 
 I just didn't have enough of the the toile to get the last couple setting triangles--in fact, a couple I did cut were "make do".
  On to Plan B.
I had the dark blue fabric left over from another project where I had used it for borders, so I had a very long piece about 16" wide. I crossed my fingers and hoped that there would be enough! There was. Then, to make use of those toile setting triangles I had already cut (and the alternate blocks) I made some pretty big flying geese to fit around the quilt. I had pre-cut and set aside long border strips of the toile for Plan A, and they became a wide inner border. At first, I had stopped with the toile border, and liked how it looked, but wished it was a little bit larger. I wanted something that would be usable, not a small wall quilt. I would have liked something a bit more "elegant" for the outer border, but I didn't dare do anymore cutting because I was in serious danger of running out of both of my finishing fabrics. On the other hand, I wanted to make good use of both fabrics, especially the toile since I had cut it all up for Plan A!

As penance for breaking my "no SAL's" rule, I am making this my September One Monthly Goal. 

Okay, another confession--I also did the Temecula Marvelous Mini Monday SAL too.
I'm so bad! 

But look at those sweet blocks--who can resist a 2" shoo-fly or churn-dash??
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