Friday, December 13, 2019

Unfinished Business

I just have a few finishing touches to complete my December goals, but instead of working on that, I have gone off the rails again.

While searching in my storage closet for something else (that I can't remember), I came across a bin of rug hooking and punch needle stuff. Several projects in the bin were at the "almost finished" stage. All that needed to be done to this hooked star was to sew the binding to the back.  Check! 
This little punch needle design just needed a sleeve sewn to the back to fit over the standing photo frame. 

I'm happy to say that I can check this UFO off the list too. 

Then there was this UFO. Again, only the binding needed to be sewn to the back, but I could never bring myself to do it because I hated how it looked. This was the very first rug hooking I had ever done--it was from a kit. I just was never happy with the background--not enough contrast in my opinion. I decided I still wanted to get this one finished, so I pulled out all the background strips.

I left a few outer rows and added one row of blue. I had a small piece of hand dyed off white that I hoped would be enough for the rest of the background.... 
....and happily it was. Another old (really old!) project checked off!
Both the star and the moose were supposed to be pillows, but I am going to use them as mats instead--I definitely don't need anymore pillows.

I still have a few more projects from the bin that I want to finish up and some that I  don't. I had to watch a YouTube video to remind my how the use my needle punch tool, so I will be practicing that tonight--and staying away from that closet.


  1. hahaha--I am always flying off the rails myself, too. ;)))
    For some reason I began sewing bits of leftover reds and pinks today...just sewing hugs, Julierose

  2. I am amazed. You made the reindeer look so good and how satisfying it must be to finally get it to the finished stage. Nice job!

  3. Isn't that satisfying to finish up old UFOs? The moose looks much improved with its new background! :)

  4. Your closet produced some wonderful projects that needed just a few moments of attention. Redoing the bsckground on the moose rug hooking piece was a great decision. It looks so much better. You're right it needed more contrast. It's amazing what you are find in that closet!

  5. I have been like you. I was cleaning the closet in the sewing room. Found old projects and now am attempting to get some of them to the finish point.

  6. When you said I pulled out the background, I said to myself, is she NUTS? Well the "remake" is wonderful and you were correct not enough contrast in the beginning. Wonderful way to end 2019.... three FINISHED.

  7. Excellent finishes, Karen. Now you need to write all those down on your December goals list, so you can cross them off. 😊 Love how you re-did the moose!

  8. Your work re-doing the moose was time well spent. I wish my unfinished projects were so close to being finished!

  9. Good for you! I stitched my little pumpkin guy like yours onto a piece of wool and made a small seasonal pillow. I’ve never seen the finish you did with the frame....very clever. And what an improvement you made on the looks great now!

  10. It must be catchy, I am always going off the rails and doing what I don't need to be doing and not doing what I should. I love your needle punch.

  11. I love punch needdle too and yours are beautiful !
    Good for you !!
    Merry Christmas Karen !

  12. Oh Karen... you made me smile with this lovely post! So good to know that this happens to other creatives... you go looking for something, don't find it and can't remember what you were looking for anyway, find other projects, and go off happily on another tangent!
    Your changes to the moose mat made a dramatic change... great job!
    And congrats on more finishes!

  13. Beautiful finishes! The transformation of the moose piece with the new background is just fantastic! So much better with the new colours! Love it! Christine xx

  14. Even if you did go off the rails it was a very successful trip!

  15. I have not finished my first one. Good for you. Remember when Mom was telling people her daughters were hookers. :)

  16. VERY nice correction on that moose! It feels so FREEING to have those old projects no longer nagging and moaning from neglect in the background doesn't it!

  17. These are great finishes. It is surprising how little needs doing to some of our UFOs.

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  19. Very WOW..Those are really lovely finishes...and so are encouraging me on...maybe, tomorrow!!!!!!

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